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Інфокомунікації – сучасність та майбутнє” 30-31 жовтня 2014 року Збірник тез Частина 2

Інфокомунікації – сучасність та майбутнє” 30-31 жовтня 2014 року Збірник тез Частина 2

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УДК 621.395.7

Яровенко Е. А.

ОНАС им. А. С. Попова


Научный руководитель – доц. Царёв Р. Ю.

Annotation.In this work is given the evaluation of real perspective of technology 4G in Ukraine and is done an implementation project of test segment of LTE-network for Primorskiy region of Odessa.Also in this project is given the list of the real equipment for realization and given characteristic why was chosen LTE technology for the realization of this project.

The rapid development of different communication technologies is lead to the increasing people interest to Internet. People have the possibility to work, chat, watch streaming video, listen the music in the global network.

There are all possibilites for rapid deployment of 4G networks in Ukraine. The segment of the wireless (mobile) networks in Ukraine situate in the saturation area – the increasing of the subscriber number of network service stopped and further increase in revenues is impossible without the introduction of new services. During the entering to the saturation point the network must be possible to provide new services, that allow to increase the subscribers number in the network and therefore to increase the reveneus of network provider. It is clear that in this case it is necessary to work proactively, i.e. moment of entry into the saturation point of the new services should be already formed and ready to provide to users. Providers have to define accurately the time of of entering in the saturation point. For this purpose we can use such method – the presence of the statical information of data confirmation for regular time periods to allow the defining the type of the math function and to do the forecast the further development of the states of the function with the method of extrapolation. In the case of the forecasting the growing of the number of subscribers it’s necessary to use the logarithmic function, that was proposed by Lancold and Trahzel [1]. In general case the dependence of subscriber density is a function og hyperbolic tangens (fig.1).

Figure 1 – Function of hyperbolic tangens

The idea – in the moment of time T (the interval of time from point that descovered in the point of saturation) we can constact the system of equations for 3 choosing investigation moments, in which between the fixed values of subscribers density with equal increment Tz :


where  – the constant of convertion of the subscribers density ; – the constant of time convertion; Tz – interval of time increment.

This system has the next solutions:




where T2 – time period, T2 = tω- t2. tω –the moment of transient to the saturation area, t2 – the moment of appearing of the action P2 [2].

In table 1 you can see the statistical data about the subscribers of wireless networks during some period of time. Like the investigtion interval we can choose 5 years and like start point we will choose 2003 year. So, the intervals are 2003, 2008, 2013.

Table 1 – The dynamics of the increasing of the subscribers number of wireless networks


Numb. of subcribers

Population of Ukraine







45 935







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  • УДК 621.395.7