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Варіант 1 1. Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)

Варіант 1 1. Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)

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Варіант 1
1. Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d).

1. Faced with an investigation, the company admitted _____ a banned chemical

a) use b) using c) to have used d) to use

2. I wouldn’t invest in a company if I ______ out that they were any way involved in child labour.

a) find b) found c) had found d) would find

3. Research ________ that this technology is not precise at all.

a) was indicated b) are indicating c) indicated d) indicates

4. _______ mistakes is an important part of learning a language, so fear of getting it wrong should never stop you having a try.

a) making b) going to make c) have made d) having to make

5. In the present atmosphere of political correctness, you _____ be very careful what you say to colleagues at work. An inappropriate joke could be seen as harassment.

a) can b) have to c) may d) would

6. The company donates a lot of money to good causes. It also encourages staff ________ charities by matching any private donations they give.

a) supporting b) support c) to support d) be supported

7. Should you be interested in learning more about us and our products, please send me a direct mailing address and I __________ post the catalogue and samples immediately.

a) would like b) have c) am going to d) will

8. UK citizens __________ get a visa for travelling to the USA.

a) shouldn’t b) don’t have to c) will not d) mustn’t

9. Our company ________ in the business of producing and exporting stylish, quality ladies leather accessories for over 80 years.

a) is b) has been c) was d) will be

10. A new manager __________ recruited until next year.

a) will not be b) is not c) can’t d) has

11. ________ there is no competition or profit-making in the public sector, there are very few cases of industrial espionage.

a) after b) however c) already d) as

12. The company had to pay a fine after _______ guilty of paying for information from employees of one of their rivals.

a) finding b) being found c) found d) have found

13. I had no idea that they were sold on the black market for $10 _______.

a) every b) each c) one d) all

14. We ________ passwords but too many people forgot them and had to ring the IT department saying they were locked out of the computer system.

a) were issuing b) have issued c) used to issue d) should issue

15. The interviewer asked ______ I had any experience of working with html.

a) have b) how c) could d) whether

16. _______ we’re competitors; it clearly makes sense for us to share the cost of basic research.

a) Due to b) Although c) However d) Absolutely

17. There’s no point _________ a system which is working perfectly well if you’re not having any problems with it.

a) to updated b) update c) in updating d) to updating

18. By the time the infrastructure upgrade is complete, they _____ over $800m.

a) will spend b) are going to spend c) will have spent d) will be spending

19. I ________ such a dramatic rise and fall in a company’s fortunes.

a) have never experienced c) has never experienced

b) didn’t ever experienced d) don’t experience

20. Opposition to globalization ________ stronger and stronger.

a) had grown b) grew c) have grown d) is growing

Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.

21. The company Kenzo specialises in luxury goods

а) markets b) products c) facilities d) prices

22. He is a pleasant colleague, and very proficient at his job)

a) skilled b) profitable c) productive d) active

23. The new computer system created a lot of interest among potential users.

a) generated b) maintained c) lost d) showed

24. When the government increased the tax on petrol, there was a consequent rise in transport costs.

a) resultant b) considerable c) continuous d) simultaneous

25. The conference discussed new trends in this field of research.

a) issues b) inventions c) tendencies d) discoveries

26. Computers have been evolving over hundreds of years.

a) developing b) appearing c) discovering d) inventing

27. Efforts are needed in all countries to avoid pollution.

a) come across b) elude c) bring about d) result in

28. It is usually more economical to buy large quantities of a product than small quantities.

a) cheaper b) more common c) easier d) more expensive

29. The book summarizes recent developments in this field)

a) concludes b) ends with c) is full of d) sums up

30. Technology is supplying science with more and more sophisticated instruments.

a) providing b) demanding c) joining d) competing
2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.
Informed citizens of our information-dependent society should be computer-literate, which means that they should be able to use computers as everyday problem-solving devices. They should be aware of the potential of computers to influence the quality of life.

There was a time when only privileged people had an opportunity to learn the basics, called the three R’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now, as we are quickly becoming an information-becoming society, it is time to restate this right as the right to learn reading, writing and computing. There is little doubt that computers and their many applications are among the most significant technical achievements of the century. They bring with them both economic and social changes. “Computing” is a concept that embraces not only the old third R, arithmetic, but also a new idea – computer literacy.

In an information society a person who is computer-literate need not be an expert on the design of computers. He needn’t even know much about how to prepare programs which are the instructions that direct the operations of computers. All of us are already on the way to becoming computer-literate. Just think of your everyday life. If you receive a subscription magazine in the post-office, it is probably addressed to you by a computer.

Magazine - британський пост-панковий гурт, утворений 1977 року в Манчестері. До першого складу гурту ввійшли: Говард Девото (Howard Devoto), справжнє ім'я Говард Треффорд (Howard Trafford) - вокал; Джон Макгоч (John McGeoch) - гітара, саксофон, клавішні, вокал; Боб Дікінсон (Bob Dickinson) - клавішні; Беррі Адамсон (Barry Adamson) - бас, вокал та Мартін Джексон (Martin Jackson) - ударні.
If you buy something with a bank credit card or pay a bill by check, computers help you process the information. When you check out at the counter of your store, a computer assists the checkout clerk and the store manager. When you visit your doctor, your schedules and bills and special services, such as laboratory tests, are prepared by computer. Many actions that you have taken or observed have much in common. Each relates to some aspect of a data processing system.
1) Informed citizens should be able to use computers every day.

2) The three R’s meant reading, writing and arithmetic.

3) A computer-literate person should be a specialist in computer design.

4) Computers accompany us everywhere in our everyday life.

5) The text describes the methods of becoming computer-literate.
3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень).
Girls’ games

by Nik Peachey

Computer games have been criticised for quite some time over a whole range of issues. Some people say they are overly violent and encourage violent behaviour particularly in children. Others say that they make children hyperactive, unsociable and are bad for their eyes. Some have even attributed falling standards of literacy and a lack of interest in reading on them. Now, however, it seems that computer games have also become a feminist issue.

Game manufacturers have, for some time, been looking to increase the number of female game players. The vast majority of computer games still sell to a mainly male market. Perhaps this is because the violent nature of many of the games appeals more to males or perhaps because many of the main characters in the games are male. Manufacturers’ attempts to produce more female characters and so increase their share of the female gaming market have met with serious criticism from many women’s groups.

Whilst heroines such as Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider game are seen as providing positive role models of strong women, many believe that the character’s unrealistic Barbie like proportions are subconsciously setting unattainable standards in the minds of young women. Perhaps a stronger criticism is that although many games now include female characters, their role is often secondary and they support the main, male, action characters within the games. Of course the nature of many of the games remains violent and destructive and this in itself could well continue to put off female gamers.

There are now, however, a number of web sites springing up on the World Wide Web to help women deal with this issue. Sites such as Game Girlz, Women Gamers and Game Gal offer game reviews, articles, discussion forums and even employment opportunities for women interested in becoming part of the rapidly expanding games industry. The games are reviewed by women from a very female perspective. Some rate the games from one to ten across a range of criteria which include the appearance of the female characters, the degree of intelligence attributed to them in the game and even the marketing attitude adopted by the company. The sites are obviously looking for games that move away from the very male dominated and violent nature of the majority of computer games. Many of them review games that are more constructive and developmental. Although the common fantasy themes of knights, witches and goblins still exist within these games, the aims are often very different. Instead of destroying opposing armies the aim of the game can be to make peace with them.

With this increased degree of awareness and involvement from women in the games industry many positive changes could be made that could encourage more women and young girls to become enthusiastic about technology and what it has to offer them. Perhaps we may even find more male gamers moving away from the traditional violent and destructive games towards the more positive values promoted by these more feminine role models, after all Tomb Raider is still one of the most popular computer games on the market, but perhaps that’s too much to ask.


Варіант 2
1. Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)

1. Nowadays the internet _________ the physical cost of communication.

a) eliminate b) is eliminating c) will eliminate d) was eliminating

2. Today I have _________ time than yesterday.

a) little b) less c) the least d) fewer

3. Make me a buzz if the task ________ .

a) was made b) is made c) will be made d) are being made

4 Many plant species are currently being studied in the hope that they _______ provide sources for new drugs.

a) will b) must c) need d) is going to

5. Pierre moved to the USA and was given an opportunity of ______ at university.

a) to work b) having worked c) working d) worked

6.If you _______ me yesterday, I would have cancelled your appointment.

a) phoned b) would phone c) had phoned d) were phoned

7. The product is so popular that it’s difficult _________ demand.

a) to meet b) meeting c) to be met d) having met

8. The shareholders _____ through the report when the incident happened.

a) look b) are looking c) have looked d) were looking

9. They might ________ me know at once, but they didn’t.

a) have let b) had let c) let d) to let

10. _________ there had been an accident, we all arrived later .

a) Because b) Now that c) As though d) While

11. We wanted to rent a flat. _________ they were all too expensive.

a) For example b) Instead c) However d) Consequently

12. What they’re really hoping is ___________ .

a) when he leaves c) therefore he leaves

b) it was he to be left d) that he’ll leave soon.

13. In addition to her children, she wanted to bring a dog and two cats ____ .

a) not only b) as the result that c) as well d) in the meanwhile

14. Desert flowers can be invisible for years ______ appear suddenly after heavy rain.

a) actually, but b) alternatively or c) consequently and d) nevertheless, so

15. The company _________ to achieve record sales this year.

a) want b) is wanting c) wants d) wanting

16. Tickets are required for admission. _________, those who don’t have it won’t get in.

a) Consequently b) Rather c) Similarly d) Subsequently.

17. The residents of Montclare valley are _______ only upset about some recent changes, but they’re also very angry.

a) both b) either c) neither d) not

18. I have lost one of my gloves. I __________ it somewhere.

a) must drop b) must have dropped c) must be dropping d) must have dropping

19.There was one student who asked ______ it was okay to use a dictionary during the exam.

a) that b) why not to c) whether d) unless

20. ______ their clothes weren’t actually provoking, they were often criticized.

a) Even though b) If only c) Unless d) Whether

Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.

21. Mimi Ito carefully puts together her packed lunches each morning.

a) keeps b) throws c) places d) fetches

22. People often post pictures on their online blogs.

a) postpone b) send c) fax d) deliver

23. The manager is able to keep a record of events that he is proud of.

a) arrange b) proclaim c) save d) eliminate

24. Try to get the chance to meet your future employer.

a) lose b) discover c) avoid d) find

25. She thinks that it’s possible to stress the importance of the issue.

a) emphasize b) clarify c) aim d) notify

26. Sainsbury has lost market leadership to its competitor Tesco.

a) rival b) subsidiary c) retailer d) conglomerate

27. A company was in crisis: income was falling.

a) account b) cost c) frontiers d) revenue

28 .The most urgent problem for now is to raise finance.

a) issue b) demand c) policy d) sacrifice

29. Nowadays there are a lot of inventory problems that companies are trying to eliminate.

a) outsource b) run out c) avoid d) vanish

30.The rate of unemployment decreased in 2004.

a) strengthened b) soared c) evaluated d) went down

2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.
Dream deferred
IF ANY company captured the optimism (and possibly hype) emanating from China, it was BYD, whose three letters are said to be short for “build your dreams”. The Shenzhen-based company makes mobile-phone batteries, cars and solar panels, thereby combining growth prospects with green virtues. This appealing combination received a credibility boost in 2008 when a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought a 10% stake.

Mr Buffett seemed to have picked another winner. Within a year the price of BYD’s shares had risen ninefold. The battery business, which had been a huge success, was drifting, but car sales were accelerating at a stunning pace, from none in 2003 to more than 500,000 last year, including the F3, a small sedan with a modest 60,000-yuan ($9,150) price tag and numerous features like electric windows, cup-holders and iPod docks, which quickly became the most popular car in China.

Mr Laprise is still waiting for delivery; and BYD has announced a series of delays to another hybrid, intended for the American market. Meanwhile, in the hypercompetitive Chinese market, the F3 is suddenly an old model. Geely, another Chinese manufacturer, has an equally inexpensive but more modern car that is this year’s flavour. “Chinese buyers are proving to be more loyal to features than brands,” says Mr Laprise. “When something nicer comes along, they buy it.”

1. BYD makes mobile-phone batteries, cars and solar panels, etc.

2. Within a year the price of BYD’s shares hadn’t changed.

3. A small sedan, F3, became the most popular car in China because of numerous features.

4. Another Chinese manufacture has an expensive and more modern car.

5. Chinese customers are more loyal to brands than to features.

3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень).
Skype was founded in 2003 by the Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom and Dane Janus Friis. The Skype software was developed by Estonian developers Aliti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn, the same individuals who together with Niklas and Janus were also originally behind the peer-to-peer file sharing software Kazaa.
Та́ллінн (ест. Tallinn) - столиця та головний порт Естонії. Розташований на березі Фінської затоки. Великий пасажирський та вантажний морський порт.
In April 2003,
Skype.com and Skype.net domain names were registered. In August 2003, the first public beta version was released.

One of the initial names for the project was “Sky peer-to-peer”, which was then abbreviated to “Skyper”. However, some of the domain names associated with “Skyper” were already taken. Dropping the final “r” left the current title “Skype”, for which domain names were available.

Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee using a debit-based user account system. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing. The network is operated by a company called Skype Limited, which has its headquarters in Luxembourg.

Many network administrators have banned Skype on corporate, government and education networks, citing reasons such as inappropriate usage of resources, excessive bandwidth usage and security concerns. Skype acknowledges that "there is a risk of bandwidth saturation" when using Skype.

Registered users of Skype are identified by a unique Skype Name, and may be listed in the Skype directory. Skype allows these registered users to communicate through both instant messaging and voice chat. Voice chat allows calls between pairs of users and conference calling, and uses a proprietary audio codec. Skype’s text chat client allows group chats, emoticons, storing chat history, offline messaging (since version 5) and editing of previous messages. The usual features familiar to instant messaging usersuser profiles, online status indicators, and so onare also included.

The Online Number (aka Skypeln) service allows Skype users to receive calls on their computers dialed by regular phone subscribers to a local Skype phone number; local numbers are available for Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Да́нія (дан. Danmark), офіційна назва Королі́вство Да́нія (дан. Kongeriget Danmark) - скандинавська країна у Північній Європі. Держава з найбільшою територією у Європі, враховуючи територію острова Гренландія, який є автономною частиною держави Данія.
Австра́лія, або Австралі́йський Сою́з (англ. Commonwealth of Australia) - держава у Південній півкулі Землі на Австралійському материку і острові Тасманія. До складу країни входять також багато невеликих островів, серед яких Норфолк і Лорд-Гав в Тихому океані, Кокосові острови в Індійському та інші.
Сполу́чене Королі́вство Вели́кої Брита́нії та Півні́чної Ірла́ндії (англ. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), відоме також під такими короткими назвами, як Вели́ка Брита́нія (англ. Great Britain)
A Skype user can have local numbers in any of these countries, with calls to the number charged at the same rate as calls to fixed lines in the country.

Video conferencing between two users was introduced in January 2006 for the Windows and Mac OS X platform clients. Skype 2.0 for Linux, released on March 13, 2008, also features support for video conferencing. Version 5 beta 1 for Windows, released May 13, 2010, offers free video conferencing with up to 5 people

Skype for Windows, starting with version, supports “High Quality Video” with quality and features, e.g., full-screen and screen-in-screen modes, similar to those of mid-range videoconferencing systems. Skype audio conferences currently support up to 25 people at a time, including the host.

Skype does not provide the ability to call emergency numbers such as 91 1 in the United States and Canada, 111 in New Zealand, 000 in Australia, 112 in Europe, or 999 in the UK. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that, for the purposes of section 255 of the Telecommunications Act, Skype is not an “interconnected VoIP provider”.

From ‘Computing in the Information Age’, 2nd edition, M. Sulley pages 179-182

Варіант 3
1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)

1. Many companies want ________ more exposure so they create commercials in order to promote themselves and their products.

a) gaining b) to have gained c) to be gained d) to gain

2. A depression is one type of economic crisis. If any type occurs, a nation’s government _____ in to attempt to correct the situation and preserve economic stability.

a) will step b) would have stepped c) has stepped d) will be stepped

3. During the recession, many foreclosures occurred. When people lost their jobs and could pay their mortgages ________, they lost their houses to the banks who owned them until the houses were paid-off in full.

a) as long b) no longer c) any longer d) so long

4. Several companies during the recession ________ to pay their bills because they lacked the funds to do so. When a company is in this type of situation and petitions the courts to absolve the company of its debt, it is attempting to go bankrupt.

a) were not able b) haven’t been able c) couldn’t d) hadn’t had

5. Domestic and inter-bank payments in Ukraine are made through the real-time settlement system, called the System of Electronic Payments (SEP), which _______ since the mid 1990s and is owned and operated by Ukraine’s central bank, the National Bank of Ukraine.

a) will be in place b) has been in place c) have been in place d) had been in site

6. Many television commercials are created _____ persuade viewers into buying the aired products

a) such as b) so as c) in order to d) in order


Украї́на (МФА: [ukrɑˈjinɑ]опис файлу) - держава у Східній Європі та частково в Центральній Європі, у південно-західній частині Східноєвропейської рівнини. Площа становить 603 628 км². Найбільша за площею країна з тих, чия територія повністю лежить у Європі, друга на європейському континенті, якщо враховувати Росію.
Утворений на початку 1970-х років у Нью-Йорку під назвою The Neon Boys. До складу гурту ввійшли: Том Верлейн (Tom Verlaine), справжнє ім'я Томас Міллер (Thomas Miller; 13 грудня 1949, Моунт Морріс, Нью Джерсі, США) - вокал, гітара; Річард Хелл (Richard Hell), справжнє ім'я Річард Майерс (Richard Myers; 2 жовтня 1949, Лексінгтон, Кентукі, США) - бас та Білл Фікка (Bill Ficca) - ударні.
If someone is expected to make a payment on a loan and fails to do so, that person is said __________ on his or her payments.

a) to have defaulted b) defaulting c) be defaulting d) have defaulted

8. America, England, Canada, and many other countries are capitalist countries. This means that their economic system is based on private ownership of resources and goods and services _________ in a free market.

a) to have been exchanged c) being exchanged

b) were exchanged d) are exchanged

9. The line-graph depicting the company’s profits over the last ten years _________ a roller-coaster highlighting the firm’s fluctuating fortunes.

a) was resembled b) have been resembled c) resembled d) would have resembled

10. We __________ raise our prices more than 5 %.

a) aren’t b) not to c) doesn’t d) don’t

11. Running your own business can provide really high job satisfaction – ____ .

a) the satisfaction of being in charge of your own life

b) being unemployed

c) the satisfaction of being dependant

d) the way of being promoted

12. Customers __________ a 10% discount if they pay cash.

a) offer b) were offered c) offered d) are offered

13. _______ they will receive an extra Christmas bonus this year.

a) As long the boss has changed his mind

b) Unless the boss has changed his mind

c) However the boss has changed his mind

d) Provided the boss has changed his mind

14. Problems ________ should be considered well in advance.

a) so as finding accommodation and immigration procedures

b) having found accommodation and immigration procedures

c) for finding accommodation and immigration procedures

d) such as finding accommodation and immigration procedures

15. __________ production fell last year.

a) Since there were several strikes c) Though there were several strikes

b) For there were several strikes d) Despite of several strikes

16. ________ he would have made arrangements.

a) If he have known b) If he had known c) If he has known d) If he knew

17. ________ experienced enough to get that job.

a) She was old enough nor c) She was either old enough nor

b) Either she was old enough nor d) She was neither old enough nor

18. It’s important ________ the less desirable aspects of job as well.

a) to take care b) to take part c) to take into account d) taking part

19. It’s important to make a good impression _________.

a) because going for a job interview c) due to going for a job interview

b) when going for a job interview d) in spite of going for a job interview

20. ________ has to sign a contract.

a) Each employee b) Some employees c) Some of them d) Any employees

Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.

21. Many companies try to market their products as multi-functional items. For example, many commercials have short demonstrations that show the viewers how many different ways their products can be used.

a) know b) promote c) buy d) lessen

22. Many women across several sectors are still paid less than their male co-workers. Thus the fight for pay parity continues.

a) victory b) reinforcement c) partiality d) equality

23. Knowing the company was in trouble, the CEO suggested several key employees go before they were asked to leave. He said their best option might be to consider taking a voluntary redundancy package.

a) freewill b) fiscal c) compulsory d) minimal

24. Although this construction company makes a good profit, it has to pay out considerable sums in compensation to workers who are injured.

a) benefit b) income c) refund d) payment

25. Many sales’ associates up-sell in order to increase sales. This is when associates try to sell more products to customers as add-on items. For example, a sales’ associate may try to sell you shoe polish when you buy a pair of shoes.

a) extra b) second c) alternative d) further

26. The firm has excellent customer relations.

a) consumer b) client c) sales – assistant d) staff

27. When the prices of goods fall on a national level because of a decrease in demand, deflation is occurring.

a) capital movement b) disinflation c) ignition d) inflation

28. Let’s have a look at my presentation about opening a new shop next week.

a) store b) market c) branch d) subsidiary

29. When someone wants to make his/her opinions or products public, you can say that he/she wants to publicize them.

a) oppose b) advertise c) watch d) pry

30. Although Ukraine is not a European Union (EU) candidate country, it is looking more towards the EU rather than Russia for its political and macroeconomic model.

Європе́йський Сою́з (Євросою́з, ЄС, англ. European Union, EU) - економічний та політичний союз 28 держав-членів, що розташовані здебільшого у Європі. Веде свій початок від утворення Європейської спільноти з вугілля та сталі і Європейської економічної спільноти, що були засновані шістьма країнами в 1951 та 1958 роках відповідно.

a) delegate b) nominee c) participant d) applicant
2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.
Coca - Cola
The world famous fresh drink Coca-Cola first was an all purpose medicine, made in 1886 by a druggist from Atlanta, who made a brown syrup by mixing coca leaves and cola nuts. The syrup wasn’t a success and then another druggist, Jacobs, had an idea of selling Coca-Cola as a soda fountain drink. He mixed the syrup with soda water. Soon everyone was going to soda fountains and asking for Coca-Cola. An immigrant from Ireland, as a Candler bought the recipe of the drink and having registered the company, became its father in 1892. In 1899 the first bottling factory was opened. The shaped bottle, as we know it today was invented in 1916 to protect the trademark. And again the World War I helped to make Coca-Cola popular outside America, when the Coca-Cola Company sent bottles of the drink to US soldiers fighting in Europe.

Jacobs («Я́кобс») - бренд кави, заснований 1895 року в Німеччині підприємцем Йоганном Якобсом. На сьогоднішній день належить компанії Douwe Egberts[en].
Ко́ка-ко́ла (англ. Coca-Cola) - газований безалкогольний прохолоджувальний напій і однойменна американська компанія (The Coca-Cola Company), яка його виробляє. Кока-колу винайшов американський фармацевт Джон Пембертон 29 березня 1886 в Атланті як новий лікувальний напій.
It became so popular with the soldiers that the US Army asked the company to start ten factories in Europe. It’s a curious thing but of 1903 coca leaves were no longer used in the drink. The exact ingredients and the quantities are not known – the Coca-Cola Company keeps its recipe a secret.

  1. Coca-Cola first was an all-purpose medicine.

  2. Coca-Cola was made by a Canadian druggist in 1886.

  3. Coca-Cola was made from a syrup by mixing cola leaves and cola nuts.

  4. Jacobs mixed the syrup with soda water.

  5. An immigrant from England bought the recipe of the drink

3. Прочитайте текст.
Якщо всю вироблену Кока-Колу роздати в пляшках усім мешканцям планети, кожний з нас одержав би по 1500 пляшок.
Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень).

Mergers and Acquisitions in Telecom Sector – Telecommunications Industry mergers and acquisitions

The number of mergers and acquisitions in Telecom Sector has been increasing significantly. Telecommunications industry is one of the most profitable and rapidly developing industries in the world and it is regarded as an indispensable component of the worldwide utility and services sector. Telecommunication industry deals with various forms of communication mediums, for example mobile phones, fixed line phones, as well as Internet and broadband services.

Currently, a slew of mergers and acquisitions in Telecom Sector are going on throughout the world. The aim behind such mergers is to attain competitive benefits in the telecommunications industry.

The mergers and acquisitions in Telecom Sector are regarded as horizontal mergers simply because of the reason that the entities going for merger or acquisition are operating in the same industry, that is telecommunications industry.

In the majority of the developed and developing countries around the world, mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector have become a necessity. This kind of mergers also assists in creation of jobs.

Both transnational and domestic telecommunications services providers are keen to try merger and acquisition options because this will help them in many ways. They can cut down on their expenses, achieve greater market share and accomplish market control.

Mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector have been showing a prosperous trend in the recent past and the economists are advocating that they will continue to do so. The majority of telecommunication services providers have understood that in order to grow globally, strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions are the principal devices.

Private sector investment and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) have also boosted the growth of mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector.

Over the last few years, a phenomenal growth has been witnessed in the number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the telecommunications industry. The reasons behind this development include the following:

  • Deregulation

  • Introduction of sophisticated technologies (Wireless land phone services)

  • Innovative products and services (Internet, broadband and cable services)

Economic reforms have spurred the growth in the mergers and acquisitions industry of the telecommunications sector to a satisfactory level.

Mergers and acquisitions in Telecom Sector can also have some negative effects, which include monopolization of the telecommunication products and services, unemployment and others. However, the governments of various countries take appropriate steps to curb these problems.

In countries like India, mergers and acquisitions have increased to a considerable level from the mid 1990s. In the United States, the mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector are going on in a full-fledged manner.

The mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector are governed or supervised by the regulatory authority of the telecommunication industry of a particular country, for instance the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI. The regulatory authorities always keep a tab on the telecommunications industry so that no monopoly is formed.

From ‘Computing in the Information Age’, 2nd edition, A. S. Wiley, pages 29-32
Варіант 4
1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)

1. Market share is the proportion of the total market which one company _______.

a) has been controlled b) will control c) controls d) can be controlled

2. Companies try to broadcast their television commercials to a large number of viewers at one time. However, this kind of advertising is _________.

a) the much expensive c) the more expensive

b) very much expensive d) very expensive

3. Many women across several sectors ______ less than their male co-workers.

a) has been paid b) are paid c) to be paid d) must be paid

4. If you _____ understand the local market you will have problems there.

a) won’t b) will c) didn’t d) don’t

5. Some food-related commercials try _______ viewers by presenting scrumptious and delicious meals on television.

a) enticing b) to enticing c) to get enticed d) to entice

6. In cash-and-carry you buy for cash and you _____ the goods away yourself.

a) could have taken b) must take c) must be taken d) can be taken

7. Many workplaces now ______ maternity leave to mothers of new babies.

a) offer b) is offering c) have been offering d) are offered

8. They worked hard all month ______ they could get the project finished.

a) so as that b) so that c) as that d) for that

9. The economic system of America, England, Canada, and many other countries ______ on private ownership of resources and goods and services are exchanged in a free market.

a) are based b) basing c) is based d) have been based

10. A _______ centre provides information and sells or advertises its goods or services by telephone.

a) calling b) having called c) to call d) call

11. Ukraine is currently in the process of acceding to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and this will also mean increasing standardisation of the financial environment and ______.

a) would have been resulted in a more attractive environment for foreign investors

b) will result in a more attractive environment for foreign investors

c) will be resulted in a more attractive environment for foreign investors

d) have resulted in a more attractive environment for foreign investors

12. Many companies and celebrities try to gain more media attention so that they and/or their products _________.

a) got more exposure c) get more exposure

b) have got more exposure d) get less exposure

13. Many of these buyers were not able to afford the large mortgages made available to them and _________.

a) should not have received them in the first place

b) should have received them in the first place

c) should received them in the first place

d) should be received in the first place

14. It was a stroke of luck that Jane was available when the job ________.

a) was come up b) came up c) has come up d) had been come up

15. The target audience for this advertisement _______ mainly teenagers.

a) was b) were c) have been d) are

16. During the recession, the real estate markets were hit hard. For example, many houses in California lost ________ .

Каліфо́рнія (англ. California) - штат, що охоплює південну половину західного узбережжя Сполучених Штатів. З населенням 39 мільйонів і площею 410 тис. квадратних кілометрів, Каліфорнія - найбільший американський штат за населенням і третій за площею.

a) much more their previous value c) much more half their previous value

b) much than half their previous value d) more than half their previous value

17. Many years ago, companies used to embed subliminal messages in movies and TV programs. However, __________.

a) this practice are now illegal in Canada and the US

b) this practice is now legal in Canada and the US

c) this practice is now illegal in Canada and the US

d) this practice was illegal in Canada and the US now

18. The board ________ unhappy about falling prices.

a) has b) is c) have d) will

19. Time Warner owns CNN _______ many other cable channels.

Time Warner, Inc. або Time Warner (з 2003 р. TimeWarner, вимовляється [Тайм Ворнер], NYSE: TWX) - американська транснаціональна медіа корпорація, одна з найбільших у світі конгломератів новинного і розважального бізнесу; вона розміщується в Центрі Тайм-Ворнер у Нью-Йорку.

a) despite b) while c) as well as d) together

20. People do not believe that liberalization is _________ way to achieve efficiency.

a) the one b) a one c) only the d) the only

Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.

21. Market research is the collection and examination of information about things that people might buy.

a) development b) analysis c) poll d) survey

22. The advantages of living in a big city rather than in a village are that there are more interesting jobs, more cinemas and more places where you can have fun.

a) earnings b)considerations c) benefits d) effects

23. And now a few words about our new .employee.

a) advisor b) representative c) manager d) colleague

24. When a country’s government takes ownership of an industry or asset from the private sector this is called nationalization.

a) globalization b) socialization c) privatization d) diversification

25. This event elevated Ukraine’s global profile and is also seen as the starting point of the real interest shown by foreign investors in the country’s financial services sector.

a) image b) structure c) cutout d) character

26. We also have a series of public lectures given by guest speakers.

a) number b) matter c) means d) sort

27. Domestic and inter-bank payments in Ukraine are made through the real-time settlement system, called the System of Electronic Payments (SEP), which has been in place since the mid 1990s and is owned and operated by Ukraine’s central bank, the National Bank of Ukraine

a) accessed b) opposed c) possessed d) privatized

28. The Ukrainian hryvnia is not yet fully convertible, but is expected to be completely deregulated soon.

a) conveyable b) hard currency c) conversable d) currency

29. During the recession, many businesses had to pay high interest rates to obtain available capital because it was in short supply

a) rates of interest b) percentage c) ratio d) rate

30. Many commercials advertise sales and marked-down items. For example, a spokesman might say, “We are slashing all prices this weekend!” This means that regular priced items are reduced by a large amount during this particular sales event.

a) elevating b) moving c) jacking d) cutting

1   2   3   4   5

  • Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.
  • 2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту. COMPUTER LITERACY
  • 3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень). Girls’ games
  • Варіант 2 1. Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)
  • 2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту. Dream deferred
  • 3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень). Skype
  • Australia
  • Варіант 3 1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)
  • 2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту. Coca - Cola
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in Telecom Sector – Telecommunications Industry mergers and acquisitions
  • Варіант 4 1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d)