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Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту

Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту

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2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.
Fast Food of America:
Have you ever enjoyed a hamburger, sitting on a lawn? May be you’re against all these hot dogs and cheeseburgers, because it’s a junk food. Any way, it is always interesting to find out something about the origin and history of such trifles, which make our life more comfortable. They really make life more pleasant, especially outdoors, don’t they? Pop-Corn. It’s impossible to imagine American take-away food or snacks without popcorn. Clear as a day, it is made from corn. But what about the first part of the word “pop”. Actually, when you put a kernel of corn on a fire, the water inside makes the corn explode. This makes a “pop” noise. That is why we call it popcorn. It’s an interesting thing to know that not all corn pops. A seed of corn must contain 14% of water in it. Other kinds of corn have less water and do not pop. The American Indians, who popped corn a long time ago, knew that special sort. They introduced corn to the first settlers. In 1620 when Pilgrims had a Thanksgiving dinner they invited the Indians, who brought popcorn with them. Since that time Americans continued to pop corn at home. But in 1945 a new machine was invented that changed the history of the product. The electric machine enabled to pop corn outside the home. And soon movies started selling popcorn to make more money.

  1. Hot dog is the most popular take-away food in America.

  2. The first part of the word “pop” means explode.

  3. Only a seed which contains 14% of water in it can pop.

  4. The Pilgrims introduced the first pop-corn.

  5. In 1945 an electric machine was invented to pop corn outside the home.

3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень).

Sharing the advertising pie
By Ronnie Scott

Six years ago, ad executive Ed Robinson carried out an experiment. He spent $10,000 to produce a humorous video about a man who meets an explosive end while inflating a child’s raft. He attached his firm’s Web address to the clip and emailed it to five friends. Then he waited.

By the end of the week, more than 60,000 people had seen the twelve-second video, Robinson says. The video gad “gone viral”, passing from Robinson’s friends to their own friends and from there to blogs and sites across the Web. Within three months, Robinson’s Web site received 500,000 hits.

For Robinson, the traffic was confirmation that the video and others like it could create a buzz and, in turn, make big bucks.

Traffic - британський рок-гурт, утворений у березні 1967 року у Бірмінгемі. До першого складу гурту входили: Стів Вінвуд (Steve Winwood; 12 травень 1948, Бірмінгхем, Велика Британія) - вокал, клавішні, гітара, бас; Мафф Вінвуд (Muff Winwood; 15 червня 1943, Бірмінгхем, Велика Британія) - бас, вокал.

Companies have gotten the message. Lured by the prospect of reaching millions of consumers without also spending millions of dollars for television air time or space in print media, companies have shifted more ad dollars to the Net. Video viral marketing – so named because it relies on computer users to spread commercials from person to person – has expanded from a negligible piece of the advertising pie to a $150 million industry, researchers estimate.

However, viral marketing has become a victim of its own success. As more ads and user-created videos go online, getting ads to go viral has become increasingly difficult. Whereas these ads were once relatively rare, they now have to compete with millions of other video clips. Companies need to spend more to give their message an edge. Today, Robinson’s London company, The Viral Factory, charges $250,000 to $500,000 to create ads he guarantees will reach a wide audience.

Not only do advertisers need to spend more to make the ads, but increasingly, they have to pay to get them seen in the first place. Rather than waiting for new videos to drop into their mail boxes, users are now going to sites like YouTube for entertainment. After all, users go to these sites to see the videos most people find interesting, not ones some company paid to place.

Neither the sites nor advertising companies want virals to become the new online spam. Still, with people spending more time on the Net, it seems highly likely that viral video advertisements will become mainstream before long. And, as competition for online user attention increases, companies will be forced to do more to ensure their ads are watched.

From Business.

Варіант 5
1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c, або d)

1. John ____________ that movie ten days ago

a) saw b) have seen c) has seen d) sees

2. Don’t forget to take your umbrella) It ________

a) will rain b) has raining c) will be rained d) rained

3. Why are you holding a piece of paper? – I _____ a letter to my friend who lives in Boston.

Boston - рок-гурт зі США, утворений 1975 року у місті Бостон з ініціативи Тома Шольца (Tom Scholz), 10.03.1947, Толедо, Огайо, США - гітара, клавішні, бас, ударні. До першого складу гурту також ввійшли: Бредлі Делп (Bradley Delp), 12.06.

a) am going to write b) will write c) write d) wrote

4. Olga is going to _____ English perfectly by the time she goes to the USA)

a) will have learnt b) learn c) has learnt d) learns

5. This city was ___________ city in our country

a) more polluted b) the most polluted c) polluted d) most polluted

6. As soon as the weather clears up, we __________ down to the beach and go swimming

a) walk b) will walking c) will walk d) would walk

7. The skirt _________ you anymore. You should lose some weight.

a) will not have fitted b) doesn’t fit c) has fitted d) isn’t being fitted

8. Last week my next-door neighbour ________ to a corner shop to buy a bar of chocolate.

Едред Джон Генрі Корнер англ. Edred John Henry Corner (12 січня 1906 - 14 вересня 1996) - британський вчений, ботанік, міколог, спеціаліст з фітоморфологіі.

a) had been gone b) would go c) went d) would have gone

9. You look really great! _________ at the fitness centre?

a) Had you been exercising c) Do you exercise

b) You have been exercising d) Will you exercise

10. The Getty Museum in Malibu, California _________ by a US businessman who owned an oil company last year.

a) are going to be built b) had been built c) have been built d) was built

11. The patient felt __________ and __________

a) the worse, the worse b)worst, worst c) bad, bad d) worse, worse

12. What would she say if she _________ him here?

a) finds b) would find c) found d) will find

13. Sarah has got very bossy since she became a manager. I wish she _________ so much.

a) has changed b) doesn’t change c) change d) hadn’t changed

14. The corporation ______ by his great grandmother was sold last week.

a) founded b) to found c) found d) founding

15. It made her _________ like a child fastened into a railed crib)

a) to feel b) feel c) feels d) felt

16. Max said he _________ the Browns to the party

a) invites b) had invited c) have invited d) will invite

17. If you won a million pounds, what _________ you _________ to buy?

a) will, like b) would, like c) would, have liked d) shall, like

18. The country _____ to its knees by economic problems and political instability

a) has been brought b) must be brought c) will bring d) brings

19. ‘There is no reason for us _________’, she said peacefully.

а) fight b) to fighting c) fights d) to fight

20. When Allan went to Britain he found it difficult to get used to __________ on the left-hand side of the road)

a) drove b) driving c) drive d) being driven

Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.

21. The difference in weather between the states of the country is very noticeable.

a) compare b) comparison c) contrast d) contrasting

22. Cuts in spending will have a serious result on the National economy

a) afford b) affect c) effect d) effort

23. They raised taxes on the presumption that it would help control spending.

a) assumption b) expansion c) assurance d) assignation

24. Can you tell me the distinction between a good car and a bad one?

a) contrast b) difference c) differentiate d) diversity

25. The country badly needed to increase its overall standard of living and attempted to achieve its targets – those of free education and healthcare – within ten years.

a) meet b) benefit c) presume d) calculate

26. I want you to illustrate your point by providing some supporting examples.

a) receiving b) removing c) obtaining d) supplying

27. Malcolm assured the bank manager that he would be able to repay the loan.

a) guaranteed b) ensured c) insured d) resurrected

28. More and more students decide to study for a Master’s degree to enhance their knowledge.

a) employ b) improve c) evaluate d) apply

29. The experiments were conducted simultaneously in London and Rome.

a) at the same time b) step by step c) in the same place d) from time to time

30. When testing a hypothesis, every effort is made to eliminate subjective or biased ideas.

a) consider b) modify c) avoid d) reduce
2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.

NoDo’ rolling out to some T-Mobile phones

By Hayley Tsukayama

Owners of the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7 should be seeing the Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update hit their handsets soon.

T-Mobile - група компаній, що працюють в галузі мобільного зв'язку, перебувають у власності німецького телекомунікаційного холдингу Deutsche Telekom. Ці компанії керують GSM-мережами в Європі та США.
Windows Phone (кодова назва «Photon») - велике оновлення Windows Mobile, що вийшло 11 жовтня 2010 року.
According to the spreadsheet Microsoft posted to track updates, the company has started sending the update to those handsets.

Microsoft has seen considerable customer backlash for NoDo delays. The update was originally scheduled to arrive the first week of March, and was then pushed back to the second half of the month. Microsoft apologized for the update delays in a blog post from spokesman Eric Hautala:

I know many of you are disappointed, even angry. You certainly have a right to be. We’ve fallen far short of your expectations, and our own, and for that I’m truly sorry. We didn’t set out to let you down. But it’s clear we did. Whether you’re someone who has followed our progress from the start, or are new to Windows Phone, you deserve the updates we’ve promised. My job is to get us on the right path and deliver them.

Hautala, whose official title is “General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering,” also said that some users may get two updates for their phones – the February update that caused problems with some handsets and the latest update. He said that those updates could arrive days or even a week or two apart.

From the Washington Post

1 People who bought the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7 should be seeing the Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update hit their handsets soon.

2 The update was originally scheduled to arrive the second week of March, and was then pushed back to the first half of the month.

3 Microsoft apologized for the update delays in Facebook.

Facebook - найпопулярніша у світі соціальна мережа, що почала працювати 4 лютого 2004 року як мережа для студентів деяких американських університетів. Засновником та головою сервісу є Марк Цукерберг. За даними Alexa, сайт Facebook.

4 Microsoft spokesman Eric Hautala said: “My job is to get us on the right path and buy them”.

5 Hautala said that some users may get two updates for their phones.

3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень).


by J.Noel

The term e-commerce embraces all the ways of transacting business via electronic data. But it is most closely identified with commerce transacted over the internet, and it is the internet that has put e-commerce near the top of the corporate agenda in the first years of the 2st century.

E-commerce is merely an elision of electronic commerce, but it embodies a revolutionary idea: that electronic commerce is qualitatively different from ordinary time-worn commerce, that there is a paradigm shift in the way that business is conducted in the world of e-commerce. Doing business via the internet is not only much quicker and much cheaper than other methods, it is also thought to overturn old rules about time, space and price.

Проект «Ведення бізнесу» (англ. Doing Business Project) - рейтинг простоти ведення підприємницької діяльності, дозволяє визначити якість правил регулювання підприємницької діяльності, що підвищують чи обмежують ділову активність, та їх застосування у 183 країнах, а також вибраних окремих містах.
There is the much-vaunted death of distance: a customer 10,000 miles away becomes as accessible as one around the corner. And e-commerce has created the phenomenon of the long tail.

Furthermore, economies of scale are undermined. In its report “Making Open Finance Pay”, Forrester Research, an American research company, gave examples of the way in which the internet had altered the pricing structure of a number of industries, particularly those with high information content. Before the advent of the internet it cost $100 to make an equity market order. Afterwards it cost just $15, an 85% fall in price, far more than could ever have been gleaned from traditional economies of scale. This is a revolution for organizations whose structures and strategies have built-in assumptions about relationships between price and volume.

Electronic commerce has grown rapidly. Online sales in the United States are reckoned to have grown by some 18% in 2007. The country’s five largest online retailers (often called e-tailers) were Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

Amazon.com - один із перших інтернет-сервісів, орієнтованих на продаж реальних товарів масового попиту, найбільша у світі за обігом компанія, що продає товари та послуги через Інтернет.
Hewlett-Packard (читається: /ˌhjulətˈpækərd/, HP) - велика технологічна компанія зі штаб-квартирою в Пало-Альто (Каліфорнія, США). HP є світовим постачальником ключових технологій для корпоративних замовників і кінцевих користувачів.
Dell became a market leader in computers through early use of the internet to sell goods and services direct to consumers, and to buy components from suppliers.

For banks, the economic logic of e-commerce is compelling. It has been estimated that a banking transaction over the telephone costs half as much as the same transaction conducted over a counter in a traditional branch, and that an ATM transaction costs a quarter as much. But a banking transaction over the internet costs a mere 1% of an over-the-counter transaction at a branch.

E-commerce also allows unknown firms to establish new businesses cheaply and rapidly, and to compete with old-timers. This they do not only by cutting prices and offering wider choices, but also by allowing consumers to make real-time price comparisons and to switch rapidly (and frequently) to the cheapest provider.

This control that consumers have over prices has led some analysts to predict that e-commerce can at best only ever be a low-margin business, and at worst a no-margin business.

From Economist

Ключі до варіантів, частина друга











1. – B

1. – B.

1. – D

1. – C

1. – A.

2. – B

2. – B.

2. – A

2. – D

2. – A.

3. – D

3. – B.

3. – B

3. – B

3. – A.

4. – A

4. – A.

4. – A

4. – D

4. – B.

5. – B

5. – C.

5. – B

5. – D

5. – B.

6. – C

6. – C.

6. – C

6. – B

6. – C.

7. – D

7. – A.

7. – A

7. – A

7. – B.

8. – B

8. – D.

8. – D

8. – B

8. – C.

9. – B

9. – A.

9. – C

9. – C

9. – C.

10. – A

10. – A.

10. – D

10. – D

10. – D.

11. – D

11. – C.

11. – A

11. – B

11. – D.

12. – B

12. – D.

12. – D

12. – C

12. – C.

13. – B

13. – C.

13. – B

13. – A

13. – D.

14. – C

14. – A.

14. – D

14. – B

14. – A.

15. – D

15. – C.

15. – A

15. – A

15. – B.

16. – B

16. – A.

16. – B

16. – D

16. – B.

17. – C

17. – D.

17. – D

17. – C

17. – B.

18. – C

18. – B.

18. – C

18. – B

18. – A.

19. – A

19. – C.

19. – B

19. – C

19. – D.

20. – D

20. – A.

20. – A

20. – D

20. – B.

21. – B

21. – C.

21. – B

21. – B

21. – C.

22. – A

22. – B.

22. – D

22. – C

22. – C.

23. – A

23. – C.

23. – A

23. – D

23. – A.

24. – A

24. – D.

24. – C

24. – B

24. – B.

25. – C

25. – A.

25. – A

25. – A

25. – A.

26. – A

26. – A.

26. – B

26. – A

26. – D.

27. – B

27. – D.

27. – B

27. – C

27. – A.

28. – A

28. – A.

28. – A

28. – B

28. – B.

29. – D

29. – C.

29. – B

29. – A

29. – A.

30. – A

30. – D.

30. – D

30. – D

30. – C.






1 – True

1. – True

1 – True

1 – False

1 – True

2 – True

2. – False

2 – False

2 – True

2 – False

3 – False

3. – True

3 – True

3 – True

3 – False

4 – True

4. – False

4 – True

4 – False

4 – False

5 – False

5. – False

5 – False

5 – True

5 – True

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Методичні вказівки

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Відповідальний за випуск О.І. Горошко

Роботу до видання рекомендувала Т.О. Снігурова
За авторською редакцією
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План 2012 р., поз.194/

Підп. до друку Формат 60x84 1/16. Папір офсетний.

Rіsо-друк. Гарнітура Таймс. Ум. друк. арк. 2,0

Наклад 50 прим. Зам. № Ціна договірна.

Ве́рстка - процес формування сторінок та смуг у видавничій справі та поліграфії.
Видання - документ, який пройшов редакційно-видавниче опрацювання, виготовлений друкуванням,тисненням або іншим способом, містить інформацію, призначену для поширення.
Гарнітура (англ. Typeface, від нім. Garnitur – комплект) - сімейство накреслень шрифтів, що мають загальні стильові особливості та різні деталі рисунку знаків (в деяких випадках гарнітура складається з одного накреслення).
Редакція - окремий варіант книги у книгодрукуванні, що характеризується певними ознаками, як наклад, тип обложки, тип паперу, та інше. Так видання може бути випущеним обмеженим тиражем, без можливості подальшого допечатування, чи навпаки «відкрите видання» тираж якого обмежується лише попитом на книгу.
Договір - домовленість двох або більше сторін, спрямована на встановлення, зміну або припинення цивільних прав та обов'язків.


Видавничий центр НТУ "ХПІ".

Свідоцтво про державну реєстрацію ДК № 3657 від 24.12.2009 р.

Реєстра́ція - запис, фіксація фактів або явищ з метою обліку та надання їм статусу офіційно визнаних актів (реєстрація народження або шлюбу); внесення в список, в книгу обліку.

61002, Харків, вул. Фрунзе, 21


Друкарня НТУ "ХПІ". 61002, Харків, вул. Фрунзе, 21

1   2   3   4   5

  • 3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень). Sharing the advertising pie By Ronnie Scott
  • Варіант 5 1.Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c, або d)
  • Оберіть правильний варіант (a, b, c або d), який може бути використано на місці підкресленого слова або словосполучення без зміни змісту речення.
  • 2. Прочитайте текст. Визначте, чи є наступні речення правильними (True) чи ні (False) відповідно до тексту.
  • 3. Прочитайте текст. Складіть анотацію до тексту (5-7 речень). E-commerce
  • Amazon
  • Гарнітура