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Питання, на які необхідно дати короткі (відкриті) відповіді

Питання, на які необхідно дати короткі (відкриті) відповіді

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Part Time work available: We are looking for retired adults who would like to work part time at the weekend. Responsibilities include answering the telephone and giving customer's information. For more information contact us by calling 398-69034.

  • University positions open The University of Cumberland is looking for 4 teaching assistants to help with homework correction. Applicants should have a degree in one of the following: Political Science, Religion, Economics or History. Please contact the University of Cumberland for more information.


    Your answers (no more than 5 words)


    What kind of position is available in advertisement No 1?

    full-time secretary(position)


    What are the typing speed requirements for the secretary position?



    When are the working hours of part time shop assistants?


    How old should the applicants be for part time shop assistant positions?



    What is the requirement for the position of the computer trained specialists?


    What should a person do if he/she is interested in the position of a computer trained specialist?


    What is necessary to have for teachers/trainers to obtain a job at Tommy's Kindergarten?


    What are the working hours at Tommy's Kindergarten?


    What is the status of people who can meet the requirements of advertisement No 5?


    What other responsibilities are included in the part time work in No 5 besides giving customer's information?


    What will be the duties of teaching assistants at the University of Cumberland?


    What are the requirements for a teaching assistant position?

    Score: 11 points
    Task 5.2

    You are going to read a newspaper article about shopping on the Internet. Choose the best heading from the list (A—G) for each part (1—4) of the text and write its letter in the box. There are two extra headings that you do not need to use. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    Shopping on the Internet

    1. Shopping on the Internet or shopping on-line is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are using the Internet to buy things. Why do people use the Internet to shop?

    2. Some people say it is more convenient. They don't have to leave their homes to order something, and they can shop for anything they want at any time, day or night. Other people say they can find things for sale that they can't find in the stores near their homes. Still other people say they can find better prices on the Internet.

    3. If you want to buy something on the Internet, you need a credit card. You have to type your credit card number and some other information on the website and send it to the store over the Internet. You have to be sure that the store will not use your information in the wrong way. You don't want someone to get your credit card number and charge something to your account. Of course, you always have to be careful with your credit card number, because people sometimes steal credit card numbers from stores and restaurants too.

    4. For people who are too nervous to shop on-line, the Internet is a good place to go window-shopping. Window-shopping is when you go to a store and look at the things for sale, but don't plan to buy anything. Window-shopping is easy on the Internet. You can see what kinds of products are available and how much they cost. You can visit stores with branches near you, or you can visit stores that are only on the Internet.

    Some stores have a website for information about their stores, but not for shopping. Some stores have a website for information about their stores, and you can shop on-line there too. Some stores are only for on-line shopping.

    A A certain time for shopping on the Internet

    B Growing popularity of the Internet

    C Getting credit cards from other people

    D Window-shopping as a way-out for people who are afraid to buy something

    E The reasons of using the Internet for shopping

    F Websites for stores

    G The necessity to have a credit card for buying something







    Score: 4 points

    Task 5.3

    You are going to read a newspaper article that is the response to Britney's letter. Some sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the list (A—G) the most appropriate sentence to fill each gap (1—5) in the text and write its letter in the box. There is one extra sentence that you do not need to use. There is one example (0) at the beginning.

    The Response to Britney's Letter

    After weeks of speculation Britney Spears has released her "letter to the fans." (0)

    While Spears is taking a break from the limelight she says that she really wants to watch "Saved" with Mandy Moore and re-runs of "Sex and the City." (1) On that note, Britney says, "Being married is GREAT and I can't wait to start my family."

    After reading this letter I must admit that my respect toward Britney has grown. (2)

    I mean, the Madonna kiss was HOT, but it was obviously just another attempt for her and Madonna to land on the cover of every magazine worldwide. And, the 55-hour wedding was a great way to garner some much needed attention after "In the Zone" sales weren't doing so well. (3)

    "My prerogative right now is to just chill & let all of the other overexposed blondes on the cover of Us Weekly be your entertainment... GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!"

    As for all the antics, Britney says, "I'm sorry that my life seemed like it was all over the place the past 2 years, it's probably because IT WAS! (4) Going & going & going is all I've ever known since I was 15 years old. It's amazing what advisors will push you to do, even if it means taking a naive, young, blonde girl & putting her on the cover of every magazine."

    While Britney may hope that the letter puts an end to the chaos of paparazzi that surrounds on any given day, it is highly doubtful that any of that will come to an end anytime soon. (5)

    I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Britney in the future.

    So, what do you think of Britney's letter? Tell us in our brand new column "Letters to the Editor".

    A While I have been a fan of Britney since the beginning I have been somewhat annoyed with her publicity antics over the past few years.

    B Don't expect the singer to just be sitting around on this break though she and husband, Kevin

    Federline, will be taking their honeymoon. C She continues, "I understand now what they mean when they talk about child stars." D But, Mrs. Federline is ready to put all that behind her. E Good luck Madonna!

    F In the letter the superstar announces that she is taking a break from her career to enjoy the "simple things" in life that she has missed out on over the past few years. G I would like to wish Britney and Kevin the best of luck on their marriage.





    4 -



    Score: 5 points

    Task 5.4

    You are going to read a newspaper article about computers in the classroom. Some parts of the text are missing. Choose from the list (A—K) the most appropriate part for each gap (1—9) in the article. There is one extra part that you do not need to use. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    Computers in the Classroom

    Kids are going all over the world without ever leaving their school. They are using their computers. A school in California could be (0) in America. They are wired to the Internet (1) . Thirty students are able to use the Internet every day. The kids are between the grades of kindergarten and fifth grade. The teacher says that it is hard (2) from the computers. They do not even want to go to recess. Internet has opened the world to many people. Now students can go to (3) . They can get information. They can visit a child in another country. Laura Bacon likes to visit with other students. She's going to Peggy's page. Peggy is (4) __in London, England.

    Ло́ндон (англ. London, МФА /ˈlʌndən/) - столиця Англії і Великої Британії, розташована на річці Темза; площа 1580 км²; населення 7 825 200 (2010), з передмістями понад 9 млн.
    She put (5) on the Internet. It includes pictures of Peggy, her school, her mom, dad and friends. You can send her mail, too.

    A scientist helped to wire the school. He says, "There is a plan to connect 12 thousand California schools (6) .” Wiring schools in California can cost a lot of money. It needs to be done on volunteer effort or schools will not be able (7) . They think that it will cost as much (8) . Some people say that the money should be spent (9) instead of computers. Some people say that it would be worth it to wire all of the classrooms.

    A any library on earth

    B to afford it

    C her own home page

    D through their computers

    E a school student

    F on teachers

    G to get them away

    H to the Internet

    I the most wired school

    J to few people

    K as fifty billion dollars












    Score: 9 points

    Task 5.5

    You are going to read an interview with the actor Robert Pattinson, who plays Cedric in The Goblet of Fire. The interviewer's questions have been mixed up. Match the questions (A—H) below to the answers (1—6). There is one extra question that you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes below. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    A You must be the only one! What was your first day like?

    B Hey, Robert! We bet you can't believe you got to star in The Goblet of Fire!

    C Do your fans think you're hotter than Daniel Radcliffe?

    D Have you had any run-ins with crazy fans yet?

    E Did you get to hang out with Harry, Hermione and Ron in between filming?

    F Do you think Ron and Hermione will ever get together?

    G Any funny stories from the set?

    H 'Fess up, what is Daniel Radcliffe really like?

    Harry Potter Hottie!

    0 It was great, but I didn't really know what was involved 'cause I hadn't seen the other films.

    1 On my first day we filmed the maze sequence from the end of the film. It was quite intimidating. On the first day we had to hit each other — it was really strange punching Harry Potter! Those first weeks were the most exciting part of the shoot. But I was so nervous.

    1. In one scene, Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore, couldn't remember character's names! He'd be like, "Ron Potter"! It was really funny.

    2. No, and I went to a convention the other day and the fans were all really nice. But if anyone asks for my autograph, I get really shy and feel like an idiot.

    3. Well, they had five hours of tutoring a day, so I was hanging out by myself! They're really nice, though.

    4. He's a very cool guy — he's very talented and he's really intelligent, too. I wouldn't have been able to handle all of the stuff that's happened the way that he has.

    5. I think that Harry and Hermione will get together — then Ron will find out and kill Harry, ha, ha!









    Score: 6 points

    TEST 6

    Task 6.1

    You are going to read the text about the history of snowboards. Answer the questions (1—10) after the text in no more than five words. Write your answers on the lines. There is an example at the beginning (0).

    The History of Snowboards

    The first snowboards were made in the 1960s. However, it was in the late 70s that they became more popular. Throughout the 80s, more and more people began taking up the sport, even though snowboards were not allowed on most ski hills. Despite its earlier setbacks, snowboarding is now the world's fastest growing winter sport and most resorts welcome snowboards.

    In 1963, a Grade 8 student named Tom Sims designed a skiboard for a school project in New Jersey. Then, in 1966, a man named Sherman Poppen attached two skis together for his kids on Christmas day. He called his invention "the Snurfer," which combines the words "snow" and "surf." In 1969, Jake Burton Carpenter received a snurfer for Christmas. He soon began designing boards, and today "Burton" is a popular brand of snowboard.

    By the 1980s, snowboarding had become very popular. However, most ski resorts did not allow snowboarding because, they thought it was too dangerous. Since many snowboarders were young, many older skiers did not want them on the ski hills. The snowboarders had to go to the backcountry, away from patrolled resorts.

    - M& Rejection at the resorts did not stop snowboarding from growing in popularity. Eventually, the owners of ski resorts changed their views. They realized that they could make more money by allowing snowboarding. One by one, the resorts began to welcome snowboards. Today, many resorts even set aside special areas where snowboarders can practice their creative tricks. In 1998, snowboarding became one of the sports in the Winter Olympics.

    Snowboarding has come a long way in the last 40 years. Winter resorts now welcome the sport they once turned away. Each year, this exciting winter sport becomes more and more popular.

    1. When did snowboards first become more popular? in the late 70s

    2. What is the status of snowboarding in the world winter sports nowadays despite its earlier setbacks?

    3. When were snowboards not allowed on most ski hills?

    4. What was the purpose of Tom Sim's designing a skiboard?

    5. What did Sherman Poppen do for his kids?

    6. What is a popular brand of snowboards?

    7. Where did snowboarders have to go to ski instead of resorts?

    8. What was the reason snowboarding was rejected by most ski resorts?

    9. What did owners of ski resorts eventually realize about the snowboarding?

    10. What have many resorts set nowadays for snowboarders?

    11. When did snowboarding become an Olympic sport?

    Score: 10 points

    Task 6.2

    You are going to read a magazine article about the things that different people take with them while travelling. Match the thing from the list (A—G) with each part (1—4) of the text and write its letter in the box. There are two extra things that you do not need to use. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    Necessary Things

    1. Patrick Lichfield — the photographer, never goes far without the Olympus Pearlcorder dictating machine which lets him catch up with his correspondence wherever he is. The tiny tapes are either posted to his secretary, Felicity, or he gives them to someone to bring back. The quality is very good but there are often some interesting background noises.

    2. Mel Caiman — the cartoonist, jokes about filling his suitcase with tranquillizers and three different kinds of toothbrushes after recent, expensive dental treatment, but it is his diary and sketch-book that are always with him when he is on the move. "I don't keep a diary except when I'm away. I start a new one each trip now since I lost irreplaceable notes on two previous trips on a bus in the States."

    3. Richard Branson—, who recently launched Virgin Atlantic Airways, believes in travelling light.
      Virgin Atlantic Ltd. (або Virgin Atlantic) - британська авіакомпанія, котра належить Virgin Group (51 %) і Singapore Airlines (49 %). Авіакомпанія експлуатує дальньомагістральні маршрути між Великобританією і Північною Америкою, країнами Карибського басейну, Африкою, Середнім Сходом, Азією і Австралією.
      "Suntan lotion for my nose and my notebooks which are my lifeline. But I will always sling in a pack of cards. I love a game of cards, particularly bridge, canasta or spades, but I'm not a gambler."

    4. Barry Norman — the film critic, never travels anywhere without his credit card. The days of anyone being stranded abroad are now over. "I remember once, before credit cards were common, the Daily Mail sent me to Italy at a moment's notice. It was a bank holiday, I had no money and the banks were shut. There I was in Milan on a beautiful sunny day sitting in my hotel because it was the only place I could eat or drink because I could sign for it."

    5. Frank Muir — the TV scriptwriter and humorist, never sets off on a journey without packing his Swiss army penknife, "It does everything," he says. "It has about 140 things that come out. It opens bottles, gets things out of horses' hooves, it has scissors, screwdrivers, tweezers. I never go anywhere without it and I have never used it."

    A army penknife

    B sketch-book

    C Swiss suntan lotion

    D credit card

    E a pack of cards

    F dictating machine

    G large tapes







    Score: 4 points

    Task 6.3

    You are going to read a newspaper article about new driving laws for teenagers. Choose the best heading from the list (A—I) for each part (1—6) of the text and write its letter in the box. There are two extra headings that you do not need to use. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    New Driving Laws for Teens

    1. There are new laws for teenage drivers. Some parents do not know about these new laws. It is very important that everyone learns about and understands these new laws.

    2. A teenage girl died in a car crash. She was. a passenger in a car. The driver of the car was 16 years old. There were two other passengers in the car who were also hurt.

    3. The accident reminded some people of how important the new laws are for teenage drivers. The laws were written to hopefully save lives. Maybe the teenage girl would still be alive if the law was followed.

    4. The new law states that teen drivers cannot have passengers in their car who are under the age of 20 unless there is another licensed driver over the age of 25 in the car too. The law also states that teenagers cannot drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. These laws need to be followed for the first year that a teen driver has his license.

    5. Some students said that they know about the laws but do not obey them. They want to drive with their friends. Some teenagers are breaking the law by driving with friends in their cars.

    6. There are some exceptions to the new driving laws. Teens can drive their brothers and sisters to school. They can also drive during off-limits hours because of work or medical reasons. They need to keep a note in their car stating why they need to drive.

    7. Many more teenagers die in car crashes than adults. New laws were made to help keep young drivers safer. If the laws are going to work, they will need to be followed.

    A Breaking the new laws by teenagers

    B Importance of new laws for teenage drivers

    C Exceptions to the new driving laws

    D Prohibition to drive during the day

    E The necessity to know the new driving laws

    F The laws for the first year drivers

    G The new laws for adult drivers : /

    H The death of a girl in a car crash

    I The reason of following the laws









    Score: 6 points

    Task 6.4

    You are going to read an article about some problems connected with ways of using garbage some parts are missing from the text.
    Garbage - американський рок-гурт, заснований в місті Медісон, штат Вісконсин в 1994 році. Працює в напрямку альтернативний рок. У своїй роботі музиканти використовують широкий спектр інструментів - від електричної гітари до семплів з робіт інших музикантів, а також шуму, трісків чи обробленого електронікою голосу вокаліста.
    Choose the appropriate part from the list (A
    —H) for each gap (1—6) in the text. There is one extra part which you do not need to use. Write your answer^ in the boxes after the text. There is an example at the beginning (0).

    Reasons for Recycling and Composting Garbage

    When you throw something in the garbage, it does not simply disappear. It may go on a long journey to a transfer station, a landfill site or an incinerator. Since it is difficult and expensive to dispose of garbage at landfill sites and incinerators, the government and other organization (0) .

    Garbage from homes is picked up and taken to the nearest transfer station (1) where should go. If the garbage goes to a landfill site, it is spread out on the ground and carefully buried. If the garbage goes to an incinerator, it is burned. The problem with these methods of garbage disposal is that they cost money, take up land and cause pollution.

    One solution to the problem of solid waste disposal is recycling. Some examples of things! (2) are glass jars, tin cans, office paper and newspaper. People can recycle used products (3) or by taking them to the recycling depot. The recycled goods are melted down (4) such as carpets, drainpipes, park benches and garden hoses.

    Александр Гарден (англ. Alexander Garden; 1730–1791) - британський колоніальний ботанік.

    Another solution to the problem of solid waste disposal is composting. Some examples of things that can be composted are lawn clippings, apple cores, orange peels and vegetable rinds. People can compost these food products by placing them in a special outdoor container (5) called compost. Compost, which contains plant nutrients, can be spread in the garden to help other plants grow.

    Recycling arid composting (6) _ being buried or burned. These methods show people a new way of looking at garbage: many things people throw away can actually be used again.

    A - where waste disposal employees decide

    B when many prominent genetics consider

    C where they decompose into a dark, thick, dirt-like substance

    D by putting them in the "blue box" on garbage collection day

    E are two ways of reducing the amount of solid waste

    F to be used for products

    G are encouraging people to recycle and compost their garbage

    H that can be recycled









    Score: 6 points
    Task 6.5

    You are going to read an interview with a young actor Daniel Radcliffe about the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie. The interviewer's questions have been mixed up. Match the questions (A-L) below to the answers (1-10). There, is one extra question that you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes below. There is one example at the beginning (0).

    A Which scenes did you like filming most?

    B Is it true you've been working out because the owls are so heavy?

    C What are the best and worst things about being so famous?

    D How has life changed for you since you entered the world of "Harry Potter"?

    E What was it like working with Kenneth Branagh?

    F What are your relations with other young actors who play together with you?

    G Did you have nightmares after watching the film?

    H What was it like working with Dobby?

    I Are you like your character?

    J What were the most challenging scenes for you?

    K How did you like the action scenes in "Chamber of Secrets"?

    L Has working on the films affected your schoolwork?

    Daniel Radcliffe about his Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    0. My life has changed surprisingly little. Obviously I'm recognised sometimes and people come up to me on the street, but that's really fun and cool because they just want to talk about the film and they're really enthusiastic about it. It's great to hear what they have to say.

    1. I've just started at a new school, and I've caught up with all of the other kids. On set I actually did better with one-to-one tutoring than in a class of people, so I've settled in really well.

    2. We are similar, in a way, because Harry's friends are very important to him, and my friends are very important to me. We also both get in trouble quite a lot. As I keep reading the books, I keep discovering more stuff about Harry that I have in common with him. I think we're both very curious — sometimes too much so, and that maybe gets us into trouble.

    3. Probably one of the best is seeing the finished product on the film. Everybody's worked on it for 11 months or so, and to see all the work that everybody on set has put into it, put together something as great as this film, is really great to see. And so far I haven't experienced a worst bit.

    4. The action scenes for me were so much fun. In the scene when I'm hanging out of the car window, that was actually me, I was hanging 25-30ft up in the air, and it was just really cool. I do as many of the stunts as possible, although obviously there are some I can't do.

    5. I loved filming the duelling scene, I thought that was really brilliant, because you've got the confrontation between Snape and Gilderoy Lockhart — who are totally different characters. I also loved the scenes where there were loads of people around, I love the crowd scenes.

    6. Probably one of the most challenging scenes was the Parseltongue scene, because it was a completely different language [Harry speaks to snakes in their own language] and it was hard to get a hold on at first. I got used to it in the end.

    7. It's intimidating when you're first about to meet him, because he's this unbelievable Shakespearean actor. But then you actually meet him and he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. It's an honour to work with him.

    8. Kind of. I have been exercising a lot more, but not just for the owls. I've had to do more physical training for the film to do the climbing and the sword-fighting sequences.

    1. It was kind of hard knowing what kind of facial expression an orange ball is making. There were digital effects on the first film, but none were as animated as Dobby is, so it was quite hard work. But I think most of the credit goes to Chris Columbus and everybody who worked on the film, for making it so easy for me.

    2. I was fine with it, I liked it, I liked the fact it was a darker, more edgy film. If you take away the darkness that's in the book, then you haven't done it justice when you've adapted it.


    1 2










    Score: 10 points

    TEST 7

    Task 7.1

    You are going to read the text about the famous Chinese garden in Vancouver. Answer the questions (1-10) after the text in no more than five words. Write your answers on the lines. There is an example at the beginning (0).
    Chinese Garden in Vancouver, Canada

    It is often hard to relax in the middle of a noisy city. Sometimes we need to find a quiet place where we can think clearly in a calm environment. Many years ago, Chinese merchants created special gardens just for this purpose. In 1986, the people of Vancouver were given the opportunity to enjoy the first classical Chinese garden built outside of China. Today, many people enjoy relax! in the peaceful atmosphere of Vancouver's Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

    During the Ming Dynasty in China, from 1369 to 1644, many wealthy merchants built Chine classical gardens. The creators of the gardens used elements of nature to make a beautiful environment. While walking through the gardens of carefully arranged rocks, ponds and plants, the merchants relaxed and cleared their minds of stressful thoughts. For a short time during the day, they stopped thinking about the work they had to do. Then when they were ready to leave their gardens a return to work their minds felt refreshed. This helped them to concentrate on their many busing tasks.

    In 1985, the governments of Canada and China worked together to create a Chinese classical garden in Vancouver. Fifty-two expert artisans from China spent one year creating the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, which is modelled after the Ming Dynasty gardens in China. Most of the materials used to make Vancouver's garden were brought from China, including woodwork, large stones and small pebbles. After much work, the Sun Yat Sen Garden opened to public on April 24, 1986.

    Today, many people in Vancouver like to stroll through the peaceful environment of the garden. They can leave the noisy streets of downtown and, like the Chinese .merchants, can relax a] forget about their worries for a short time. This style of garden, created so long ago, is now I of Vancouver's most beautiful and relaxing places.

    1. What was the purpose Chinese merchants created special gardens in a calm environment? to think clearly I to relax

    2. Who is the Chinese Classical Garden in Vancouver named after?

    3. When did the Ming Dynasty reign in China?

    4. What did the creators of Chinese gardens use to make a beautiful environment?

    4 What was carefully arranged in the Chinese gardens?

    5 Why did the merchants need their minds feel refreshed?

    1. Which authorities worked together to create a Chinese garden in Vancouver?

    2. How much time was spent by artisans on creating the garden?

    3. Which materials for the garden were brought from China?

    4. When did the Chinese garden open to public of Vancouver?

    5. What can many people of Vancouver do nowadays leaving the noisy streets of downtown?
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