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Питання, на які необхідно дати короткі (відкриті) відповіді

Питання, на які необхідно дати короткі (відкриті) відповіді

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Task 7.2

You are going to read two advertisements. Answer questions 1—8 below in a maximum of three words. Write your answers in the boxes after the questions. There is one example at the beginning (0).

THE MAJESTIC LINE Unique Cruising Holidays

The Majestic Line offers the unique opportunity to explore the hidden wonders of the West Coast of Scotland in perfect comfort, luxury and style.

The Glen Massan is a beautifully restored traditional wooden vessel with comfortable double or twin ensuite cabins.

While each cruise has a specific itinerary, the focus is on flexibility with individuals able to be as active or relaxed as they wish, spending time ashore and afloat.

With group bookings welcome, it is a perfect setting to catch up with friends, or just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3-6 night cruises, departing from the Holy Loch, from 520pp, cost includes all meals on board and wine with your evening meal.

Call us to find out more about our itineraries and last minute specials.

T: 00 44 (0) 1369 707 951

W: www.themajesticline.co.uk

E: info@themaiesticline.co.uk


Small Personal Tours of Scotland

Based on your ancestry, we take you to the places where your people lived and worked. We base your itinerary on where you would like to go in Scotland and show you the areas that are perhaps your heritage. Join us on a wonderful week or ten days, accompanied by a professional Scottish genealogist.

Accommodation with breakfast, daily tour and entrance fees to historical sites is included.

We also do genealogical research and have professional researchers who can put a research package together for you.

Costs of tour are based on two people sharing. Single supplement applies.

Please contact Brenda at:

T: 01383 720522

W: www.ancestralholidavsofscotland.com E: - scottishbrenda@aol.com


Your answers

(a maximum of 3 words)


What is the name of a contact person?



Which company will help you discover

the wonders of the West Coast of Scotland?


Which kind of scientific research Can be conducted?


What is the name of the cruise ship?


Which tours last more than a week?


Where do the cruises start?


What are the costs of personal tours based on?


Which kinds of bookings are welcome?


Which types of fees are included?

Score: 8 points
Task 7.3

You are going to read several letters to the editor about teenage problems. Choose the most' suitable heading from the list A—G for each part (1-4). There are two extra headings that you do not need to use. There is one example at the beginning (0). Write your answers in the boxes after the text.

A Can't Stand Lazy People

B Skipping School

C Fond of Music and Sounds

D Good in Making Friends

E Friendship or Love?

F Should I Marry Him?

G Please Help Me and My Family

Teenage Problems

  1. You can believe it or not, but I can hear it everywhere. It doesn't matter whether it really plays or not: it is just in my ears, in my heart. To my mind, every thing around us has its own tune every person has his or her own melody. Some might think I'm just crazy, but I simply can't leave without music, that's why it surrounds me. My passion for music causes me lots of troubles in communication with people. Please, help me. (Linea, 17)

  2. I have been with my fiancé for almost four years. We are going to get married next year but, there are a couple of concerns I have: one is the fact that he never talks about his feelings, he keeps everything inside of him. He also sometimes has trouble with expressing his excitement about things. He never buys me flowers or takes me out to dinner. He says that he doesn't know why', but he never thinks of things like that. I don't know if this is a side affect of depression or, maybe, he is sick of me. He says that he-loves me and that he wants to marry me. If this is true, what is his problem? (Annette, 19)

  3. I'm one of those guys who have "the quite normal" problem: I'm in love with a girl, but I don't know what to do. I have already had a crush on some girls, never with any success, but this is something different. My problem is actually that I'm too cowardly to tell her anything. I know that she likes me and we're very, very, good friends. We've known each other for about three years, and our friendship has constantly become better. We often get into quarrels, but we always make up. We meet almost every day. We always have very much fun together, but is it really so difficult to love someone who has been a good chum to you until now? (Jack, 15)

  4. I really want to help because I don't like being upset all of the time and having everyone hate everyone else. My mom, me, my two brothers and a sister — it's like we all hate each other. I am the oldest. We all have certain problems: my mom wants to quit smoking so she is really stressed out. I am really selfish. One of my brothers is too bossy. He thinks he is better than the rest of us and that he is the only one who helps my mom. My other brother is kind of abusive and depressed. He always starts fights and he's really spoiled (my mom doesn't yell at him for doing things wrong and when she does, he laughs at her). My sister (who's 7) makes messes and doesn't clean them up. Even when we start to get along, someone will say something to upset someone else. (Patricia, 15)

  5. Only the people who really know me know about my strange feelings. My parents don't care — they don't even mention it if I don't go to school. I skip it almost every day. Luckily, I am a smart person and I'm in all of the advanced classes1 and don't have reputation as a rebel. What I end up doing is sleeping all day and then staying up all night talking to my girlfriend. I get behind in my work and when I try to go back to school I get a bunch of crap from my teachers and friends. I just get so depressed when I think about it. I have given up on trying to go back, but I realize it would ruin my life. I don't want to go back at all but I also don't want it to ruin my life. What should I do? Please help. (Andrew, 16)







Score: 4 points
Task 7.4

You are going to read an article about some benefits of breakfast. Some parts are missing from the text. Choose the appropriate part from the list (A-L) for each gap (1—10) in the text. There is one extra part which you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes after the text. There is an example at the beginning (0).

The Benefits of Breakfast

Everyone has heard the familiar cliché, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but how seriously do you actually consider it (0) ?

Most teens and adults find a variety of excuses for (1) .

Variety - американський розважальний тижневик, який заснований в Нью-Йорку в 1905 році Саймом Сільверманом. Основна тематика цього журналу - події світу шоу-бізнеса. Зі зростанням важливості кінематографічної промисловості з'явилося Daily Variety, щоденне видання засноване в Лос-Анджелесі Сільверманом в 1933 році.
"I'm not hungry in the morning."

"I don't like breakfast foods." "I'm trying to lose weight." "I don't have time," or "I'd rather sleep those extra few minutes each day." The list could go on.

However, recent studies suggest more strongly than ever that the benefits of eating breakfast far (2) that most of us give for skipping it.

For example, how often do you find (3) and then, once' there, to concentrate for the first few hours? Well, a recent Boston study examining the effects of breakfast on 100 elementary students found (4) , punctuality and attendance. In addition, children who skipped breakfast on a regular basis (5) than those who did not.

Another similar study found that children who do eat breakfast (6) ; therefore, they have a healthier diet overall than those who skip breakfast.

Some may think that not eating breakfast will help them watch their weight or cut out a few "extra calories" in their diet. However, studies prove that eating breakfast can actually help maintain or even lose weight. Eating breakfast in the morning (7) , and it also stabilizes blood sugar levels, which regulate appetite control.

With all these benefits, one finding is common throughout the studies: a healthy, nutritional breakfast is the most important thing!

Some ideas (8) include:

  • yogurt mixed with granola and fresh fruit;

  • whole-grain cereal topped with low-fat milk and a sliced banana;

  • frozen whole-grain waffles with fresh berries and a scoop of cottage cheese on the side;

  • whole-grain toast or bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese and a piece of fruit;

  • toast with jam, a fried egg and a small bowl of fruit salad.

In addition, keep the following pointers in mind (9) :

  1. Try to include fruit, grains and protein each morning.

  2. Find whole-grain cereals, breads, muffins and waffles that include little or no refined sugars!

  3. Fresh fruit is nutritionally superior to canned fruit, and apples and bananas are availably all year.

  4. If you do not like typical "breakfast foods", then be creative! Have a peanut butter and banana sandwich, a homemade smoothie or even leftovers from last night's dinner!

Remember, tomorrow morning you may not feel like (10) __. However, if you take just a few minutes to eat something nutritious and filling, you might do better on that test in first period Algebra, you probably will not be ravenously hungry long before your lunch period comes and your diet for the day may very well be healthier overall!

A are more likely to meet the rest of their nutritional needs throughout the day

B taking the time for breakfast before you leave for the day

C outweigh the excuses

D research proved that eating breakfast can help losing weight

E for making your own quick and nutritious breakfast before heading to school

F it hard to get to school on time

G experienced more behavioral problems

H while planning your morning menus

I that eating breakfast improves academic performance

J stimulates your metabolism for the day

K skimming on breakfast or skipping it entirely each morning

L when planning your morning routine













Score: 10 points

Task 7.5

You are going to read a newspaper article about speechless communication. Some parts are missing from the text. Choose the appropriate part from the list (A-L) for each gap (1—10) in the text. There is one extra part which you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes after the text. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Teens Are Left Speechless

All across the world, teenagers' bedrooms are beginning to sound like a library. Instead of chatting away on a traditional landline telephone, or even a cell phone, teenagers are busy (0) _.

According to a 2005 report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 53 % of teens (1) mostly communicate with friends via written messages; and 61 % of the time they chat through a service called instant messaging.

Phone companies (2) _. Telecommunications giant Virgin Mobile is releasing a cell phone (3) and instant messaging built in. The company's chief marketing officer said, "We really think that text is the new talk. We are living in a 160-character nation" (the maximum length of a text message). A quarter of Virgin Mobile's teen customers use their phones more (4) .

Several years ago, the author of How to Talk So People Listen: Connecting in Today's Workplace was asked (5) about the college admissions interview. According to her, the answers given in the mock interviews were "extremely short and not informational. Nothing came out, really, because [oral communication] is such an unused skill." Further, she stated, "We are losing very natural, human, instinctive skills that we used to be really good at."

Part of the reason is because with instant messaging, you can reread a piece of communication six times (6) . There is no need to improvise; there is none of the spontaneity of phone conversations or face-to-face chats.

A 2005 report by Achieve, a non-profit Organization (7) , found that 34 % of employers were dissatisfied with the oral communication skills of high school graduates. In addition, 45 % of college students and 46 % of high school graduates said they struggled (8) __ .

While technology is advancing at lightning speed, speaking skills appear (9) . This end-time generation of teenagers may be technologically wiser than their bosses, but they are (10) .

A with a traditional keyboard

B lacking the ability to have professional discussions

C text is a new way of talking among teens

D are intruding into youth's finger-tapping tendencies

E before deciding how to answer

F that helps states raise academic standards

G to teach a class of California high school seniors

H communicating silently

I to be regressing just as quickly

J who own cell phones and surf the Internet on a daily basis

K for text messaging than talking

L with their public speaking abilities













Score: 10 points

Task 7.6
You are going to read an interview with a famous actor Keanu Reeves about the final Matrix movie. The interviewer's questions have been mixed up. Match the questions (A-H) below to the answers (1-6). There is one extra question that you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes below. There is one example at the beginning (0).

A How did you feel when filming finally came to an end?

B How do you feel the human side of the story comes out in the film?

C Which Matrix movie do you like most of all?

D What is it about Neo that has hit home with you?

E Are you going to miss Neo?

F As an actor, did you have any concerns about the computer-generated effects overpowering the character story?

G Did the conclusion to Revolutions play out in the way you hoped it would when you finally saw it on screen?

H What was your reaction when you finally saw the third film?

Keanu Speaks about Matrix-3

Everything that has a beginning has an end, but Keanu Reeves will hope that the final Mall movie doesn't break his box office streak. He's been a busy boy since finishing his Neo-adventures Down Under lining up three films for 2004: romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton; Thumbsucker with Tilda Swinton and Benjamin Bratt; and comic book adaptation Constantine.

  1. I really enjoyed it when I saw it. I thought the performances and how it came together and ^ action and the cinema of it was pretty extraordinary.

  2. I think there's a lot of... I'm going to use the word compassion. There's a lot of love in it. I the backbone, the reason for existence of the pieces.

  3. I think the way Larry and Andy Wachowski think about that, it's all about furthering I story. The technological advance is all about putting forward the story, telling the story they want to tell it.

  4. It was very dramatic- Yeah. It was an ending, an end of spending time with people that I k and a project that I love.

  5. Yeah. He's a pretty remarkable guy. So yeah.

  6. His questioning and his strength. His fearlessness for his quest. His vulnerability and his desire to search for his authentic life and the choices that he makes, and his love for Trinity.

  7. Where Neo comes to and what happens in the film I find has a lot of merit personally in life and I think it's very satisfying cinematically and story-wise. I'm excited the film is coming o and that people get to see this remarkable movie. I'm a fan of the movies — this remarkable movie and this trilogy.









Score: 6 point


Task 8.1
You are going to read the text about some reasons for becoming a vegetarian. Answer the questions (1—9) in no more than four words. Write your answers on the lines. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

Why People Become Vegetarians?

Anyone who has visited a grocery store or restaurant has probably seen food items labeled "vegetarian." These foods do not contain meat, and people who choose this type of diet are called vegetarians. Many different people of all ages are vegetarians and everyone has his or her own reasons for refusing to eat meat. Some believe eating meat is not good for you, some believe it is wrong to kill animals and some believe meat is too expensive.

Some people do not eat meat because they believe it is unhealthy. Certain types of meat contain a high amount of fat. Too much fat in your diet can cause health problems like heart attacks and cancer. People can also get serious diseases or infections from eating meat that is not cooked long enough. Not everyone who eats meat will have these problems, but many people stop eating meat because they do not want to take the chance.

Some people do not eat meat because they believe it is cruel to kill animals. This may be because their religion forbids it or because they do not like to think that an animal had to suffer and die just so they could have a meal. Many people who are vegetarians for this reason also avoid wearing clothes and shoes that are made of animal fur and leather.

Some people do not eat meat because they believe it is too expensive. By not buying meat, these vegetarians have more money left over to buy other kinds of food. Meat is high in protein, which is an important element of food that people need to stay alive. Vegetarians make sure they get the protein their bodies need by eating other, less expensive types of food like nuts, cheese and milk.

When people decide to stop eating meat, they must find alternative sources for the nutrients they need to stay healthy. After a while, a vegetarian diet has become a regular part of daily life.

0 What do we call people who prefer to eat foods which do not contain meat?


1 What problems can too much fat in one's diet cause?

2 What can people get from eating meat which is not properly cooked?

Questions 3—6: What reasons not to eat meat are mentioned in paragraphs 3 and 4?





7 What is an important element of food for people to stay alive which meat is high in?

8 Which food other than meat is also reach in protein?

9 What do people who decide to stop eating meat must find to stay healthy?

Score: 9 points

Task 8.2

You are going to read the information leaflet about the Sea World theme park. Answer the questions (1-11) after the text in no more than four words. Write your answers in the grid. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Sea World of Florida

Sea World of Florida is right in the heart of Orlando's theme parks and attractions!

Centrally located near Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. Entrance on Central Florida Parkway, just off Interstate 4 and the Beeline Expressway.

Beeline - у минулому, торгова марка оператора стільникового зв'язку ЗАТ «Українські радіосистеми». У 2010 році була поглинута компанією «Київстар» (дочірна компанія VimpelCom Ltd.). VimpelCom Ltd. продовжує надавати послуги зв'язку під брендом Beeline у низці країн Азії та Африки.

Park opens at 9.00 a.m. 365 days a year. Closing times vary by season.

Daily information: (407) 351-3600.

Groups and private parties: (407) 363-2200.

ADMISSION PRICE: Includes all shows and attractions. Sky Tower ride, radio-controlled boat* games area, guided tours, pet kennels and evening feasts are priced separately. Foreign currency exchange and wheelchair and stroller rentals are available. 24-hour automatic teller is located outside the Front Gate. Most major credit cards are accepted (excluding American Express).

American Express Company або AmEx - корпорація з надання фінансових послуг; її засновано в 1850 та вона є одним з 30 компонентів Dow Jones Industrial Average. AmEx відома своїми кредитними й платіжними картками та дорожніми чеками для бізнесу: вона вважається найдорожчим брендом світу та найвизначнішою компанією.

Photographs appearing in this brochure are for advertising and illustration purposes only. Actual scenes in the park may vary. Admission price, park hours and show schedules are subject to change without notice. Shows are modified from time to time in an effort to provide park guests with a variety of quality entertainment.


Your answers

(no more than 4 words)


In which state is this theme park situated?

Florida 1 state of Florida


What are the two closest attractions?





How many days a year is the park open?


What are closing times of the Sea World Florida?


How can information on groups and private parties be obtained?


What does the admission price include?


Where is the automatic teller located?


Which credit card is not accepted?


What are the purposes of the photographs in the brochure?


What besides the park hours are subject to changes without notice?


What is done from time to time to provide park guests with

a variety of quality entertainment?

Score: 11 points

Task 8.3

You are going to read an article about the significance of a gene. Some parts are missing from the text. Choose the appropriate part from the list (A-K) for each gap (1-9) in the text. There is one extra part which you do not need to use. Write your answ.ers in the boxes after the text. There is an example at the beginning (0).

The Significance of the Cystic Fibrosis Gene

In July 1989, Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui and a team of scientists working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto achieved a major scientific breakthrough. Tsui and his colleagues discovered the gene (0) (CF). Many geneticists consider this event one of the most significant discoveries in human genetics. They may be right (1) that identify carriers of the CF gene. Eventually, they hope his research will lead (2) .

Scientists have designed a test (3) who carry the cystic fibrosis gene. The test is based on knowing where the gene is located. The CF gene is a recessive gene. This means a person (4) and still not be affected by the disease. However, if this person has children with another person who carries the CF gene, there is a 25 per cent chance (5) and suffer from the disease. The test identifies (6) . If they do, couples then decide whether to have children or not.

Researchers are also using Tsui's discovery to find a cure for cystic fibrosis. They are working to produce a drug that will change the activity of the CF gene. They are also attempting to replace the defective gene (7) ._. Such work, however, is not easy. It is difficult to produce a drug (8) , but does not affect the 100,000 other genes in a pair of human chromosomes. Equally challenging is the job (9) i in the right location.

It may be several more years before scientists find a cure for CF. However, Lap-Chee Tsui's discovery has at least given victims of the disease hope for the future.

A to a possible cure for the disease

B of placing a hew gene into the right cell

C couples have to decide whether to have children or not

D can carry one copy of the gene

E whether prospective parents carry the defective CF gene

F that changes the CF gene

G that causes cystic fibrosis

H that their children will inherit two copies of the gene

I to identify people

J because the results of Tsui's work have helped scientists develop tests

K with one that functions properly








7 '




Score: 9 points
Task 8.4

You are going to read a text about Las Vegas. Parts of some sentences have been removed from the text. Choose the most suitable part from the list (A-L) for each gap (1-10) in the text. There is one extra part that you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes after the text. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Las Vegas

There's nowhere else in the world where you can look out of (0) and see the New York

skyline, a life-size Egyptian pyramid and, in the distance, the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel - об'єктно-орієнтована мова програмування. Має міжнародний стандарт ISO. Починаючи з 1985 року, багатьма підтриємствами було розроблено середовища для програмування в Eiffel.

Welcome to wonderful Las Vegas.

Depending on your point of view, it can be the cheapest, (1) . Yet there's no denying

it, you can't come here and not have a good time.

Gone are the days when Sin City was all about slot machines, card games and tacky shot gut weddings. In the last few years Las Vegas has become (2) .

In Las Vegas, size matters. It's the home of the world's biggest hotel, the MGM Grand; highest rollercoaster, at the Stratosphere; and highest atrium at the Luxor Hotel.

Incredibly, it also boasts not just one, but two Guggenheim museums, at the Venetian; and restaurant filled with (3) by Picasso at the Bellagio.

Don't say this isn't a city of contrasts.

But the best thing about Las Vegas is (4) are free. Huge crowds gather every nigh

for (5) in front of the Bellagio. Remember it from the movie Ocean's Eleven? And a walk through the shopping mall at Caesars Palace is almost like a theme park ride (6) changing from sunshine to starlight and sculptures coming to life, singing and dancing for shoppers. The real crowd-pleasers are the Pirates of the Caribbean-style sea battle which takes place in front oil Treasure Island, complete with fireworks and a cast of (7) , and the erupting volcano in the lagoon at the Mirage.

Some things are worth shelling out for and if you want to splash out, head to the beach at the Mandalay Bay. The hotel, where TV series Las Vegas is filmed, has a massive (8) .

The best way to get around Vegas is on foot, there can be quite a distance between hotels on the Strip but walkways link them, and some even have (9) .

You can still get a taste of old Las Vegas if you head downtown. The casinos haven't changed much over the years and the streets have been cleaned up. What was once a seedy eyesore has been transformed into an open-air pedestrian (10) .

Treat yourself to a day trip to remember and take a helicopter flight over the Strip and head to the Grand Canyon. It's the only way to fly over the New York skyline and Eiffel Tower without blinking.

A with swirling clouds on the ceilings

B the dancing fountain show

C connecting trams and buses

D within the visible distance

E pool with a wave machine

F most tasteless city

G that so many of the attractions

H one of America's top tourist attractions and it's not hard to see why

I stunt performers

J original works

K your hotel room window

L area with spectacular light shows every night













Score: 10 point

Task 8.5

You are going to read a magazine article about words and feelings. A summary of the article is provided after the text. Sentences of the summary are mixed up. Put sentences (A—I) of the summary into the correct order (1—8). There is an example at the beginning (0).

Words and Feelings

Are you always sure you know what people mean when they try to describe their feelings to you? We use both words and gestures to, express our feelings, but the problem is that these words and gestures can be interpreted in different ways.

It is true that a smile means the same thing in any language. So does laughter or crying. There are also a number of striking similarities in the way different animals show the same feeling. Dogs, tigers and humans, for example, often show their teeth when they are angry. This is probably because such behavior patterns are inherited rather than learned.

Fear is another emotion that is shown in much the same way all over the world. In Chinese and in English fiction a phrase like "he went pale and began to tremble" suggests that the man is either very afraid or has just had a very nasty shock. However, "he opened his eyes wide" is used to suggest anger in Chinese whereas in English it conveys surprise. In Chinese surprise can be described in a phrase like "they stretched out their tongues". Sticking out your tongue in English is an insulting gesture or expresses disgust.

Even in the same culture, people differ in their ability to interpret and express feelings. Experiments in America have shown that women are usually better than men at recognizing fear, anger, love and happiness in people's faces. Disgust, contempt and suffering seem to be the most difficult emotions for people everywhere either to recognize or to express. Other studies have shown that older people usually find it easier to interpret body language (the way people stand or move, etc.) than younger people do. And psychologists such as E. G. Beier have also shown that some people frequently give completely wrong impression of how they feel. For instance, they try to show affection but in fact actually communicate dislike. Or when they want to show interest, they give the impression that they don't care. This can happen even among close friends and members of the same family. In other words, what we think we are communicating through language, voice, face and body movements may be the exact opposite of what other people understand.

A Some animals and humans rather inherit some patterns than learn.

B Surprise can be described in different ways in Chinese and English.

C It is easier for older people to interpret body language.

D To express our feelings we use both words and gestures.

E Fear is shown in almost the same way all over the world.

F Women recognize emotions better than men.

G Laughter and crying mean the same thing in any language.

H Other people can misunderstand our words and gestures.

I Some people show emotions in a wrong way.











Score: 8 points

Task 8.6

You are going to read an interview with a young actress Natalie Portman about the V For Vendetta movie. The interviewer's questions have been mixed up. Match the questions (A—H) below to the answers (1—6). There is one extra question that you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes below. There is one example at the beginning (0).

A What was it like working with Hugo Weaving when he was wearing the mask all the time? Did it affect your performance?

B What was it that appealed to you about the role and why did you decide to take it?

C You share many scenes in the film with Stephen Fry. How was he and did he behave? D What can you tell about the creative atmosphere on the site of the movie?

E How liberating was it having to cut your hair off for the role?

F Did you get a chance to sample the London nightlife and culture while you were filming?

G How did you go about getting your English accent? And was it daunting being surrounded by British actors?

H How surprised were you by the political-content in the script when you first got it?

Natalie Portman Speaks about the V For Vendetta Movie

Natalie Portman made an astonishing big-screen debut at the age of 12 in Luc Besson's thriller, I Leon (1994). She has since been dubbed "the new Audrey Hepburn" by Harpers & Queen magazine | and mixes roles in blockbuster films and smart indie flicks with considerable ease. Star Wars I fans will forever remember her as Padme in George Lucas's prequels but her strong body of work I includes Heat (1995), Mars Attacks! (1996), Garden State (2004) and Closer (2005), for which she was Oscar nominated. Here she reveal's why her latest blockbuster, V For Vendetta, has more brains than strength and what it was like going bald...

  1. It was very interesting for me to consider the mindset of someone who goes from being nonviolent to being drawn towards using violence to express her political beliefs. I enjoyed the fact that it was a complicated journey that can be interpreted on many different levels — maybe she's being manipulated, maybe she's finding her true self and just developing pragmatism over idealism. I appreciated the complicated view of what would make someone want to do this sort of thing.

  2. When I received the script I was just so shocked by the fact that a big Hollywood action movie could actually have substance and something that's provocative. That it could actually make people feel very strong things and think strong things, whatever those various reactions would be. I thought: "This is crazy, I want to do this!" It's exactly the kind of entertainment I'm interested in making.

  3. Obviously for the character it's a very traumatic experience because it's a violence committed upon her. But for me, I got to choose to do it so it didn't feel like a violent thing committed against me. It was actually kind of wonderful to throw vanity away for a little bit. We're always expected to be spending a lot of time taking care of ourselves, so it was a pretty nice opportunity not to have to think about that stuff for a while.

  4. I think it's kind of amazing because you're always wondering what's going on behind it. You're always thinking, are they laughing behind that? Are they smiling? Are they crying? Are they angry? Hugo's performance was so vocal and physically specific that it was a great help. It's not like working with blue screen, for instance, where you have to imagine the performance opposite you. He was giving a very full-bodied performance.

  5. I worked for a month before at my accent with a teacher and we ran through the material over and over again. Every morning during the filming we'd also warm up an hour before we started. But doing a different accent was exciting because it immediately puts you into a different character. Everyone was very supportive and didn't try to intervene too much.

  6. He was really, really wonderful. He would always keep me laughing and happy between photographic sessions and interested too. He is clearly one of our sharpest minds and a great actor. I think his scenes are some of the most moving in the film. So it was a very lucky experience.

  7. I don't really go out when I'm filming because I really can't keep it together if I do. I enjoy working here a lot, actually, because there's a lot of non-clubby stuff to do on weekends that can keep you interested and occupied when you're away from friends, family and home. This is the greatest city to see movies.





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