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Рекомендації щодо системи зовнішніх іспитів з сучасних іноземних мов розробка: д-р Радослав Кухарчик Вступ Дані рекомендації, що стосуються системи зовнішніх іспитів з сучасних іноземних мов, створені у рамках програми «Польська допомога»

Рекомендації щодо системи зовнішніх іспитів з сучасних іноземних мов розробка: д-р Радослав Кухарчик Вступ Дані рекомендації, що стосуються системи зовнішніх іспитів з сучасних іноземних мов, створені у рамках програми «Польська допомога»

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Завдання 1. (0-5)

Двічі послухайте розмову Марка і Сюзан на футбольну тему.

Концентра́ція (рос. концентрация; англ. concentration; нім. Konzentration f, Konzentrierung f) -

Звукозапис - процес запису звукової інформації з метою її збереження і подальшого відтворення; Звукозаписом називають також записану звукову інформацію. Звукозапис заснований на зміні фізичного стану або форми різних ділянок носія запису - магнітної стрічки, грамофонної платівки, кіноплівки, цифрових носіїв інформації тощо.

Футбо́л асоціації, скорочено просто футбол (від англ. football, association football), інші назви: ко́паний м'яч або ко́панка, сокер (англ. soccer) - один з різновидів футболу, олімпійський вид спорту, командна спортивна гра, у якій беруть участь дві команди по одинадцять гравців у кожній.

Дайте відповідь на питання 1.1.-1.5. згідно зі змістом аудіозапису. Зазначте знаком X відповідну графу в таблиці (М-Mark або S-Susan).

Which person






bought something he/she needed to play a sport?


thinks that players change football clubs too easily?


suggests that top football clubs shouldn’t get so much money?


compares playing football to other professions?


expresses interest in watching another sports discipline?

Завдання 1.

Susan: Mark, don’t you think that football is just about money these days?

Mark: Oh, come on, Susan. There are hundreds of footballers who play it for fun.

Susan: Well, I’m not sure. That’s what it was like when we were in college. Do you remember the trainers you bought for the match of the season? You paid for them with your pocket money! Can you imagine it nowadays? And footballers played for the same team for years. Nowadays a player gets a better contract with another club and he’s ready to leave the following week! They don’t care about their club at all!

Mark: But it’s good for the sport. Competition motivates players to train hard and do their best. There’s another problem, though. People and the media are only interested in star players so the best teams get millions of dollars from sponsors, much more than other clubs. It’s not fair…

Susan: Why? If you are a better manager or doctor, you usually earn more… Why should it be different in football?

Mark: Well, the result is that top clubs have the best coaches, best equipment and all the talented young players end up playing for them. So they get better and better and the weaker clubs don’t have a chance …

Susan: You see, I’m right, it’s all about money. I don’t know, perhaps I should watch swimming competitions instead of football matches…

Mark: You must be joking! Swimming is boring! And the problem is the same in all sport disciplines.

tekst własny

Завдання 2. (0–4)

Двічі прослухайте чотири тексти, які стосуються фільму. До кожного тексту (2.1.-2.4.) підберіть речення, записане під відповідною літерою (A-E), яке йому відповідає.

Речення - граматична конструкція, побудована з одного чи кількох слів певної мови, яка становить окрему, відносно незалежну думку; це значеннєве, граматичне і інтонаційне ціле, що виражає якусь думку в відношенні її до дійсності (предикативність, створена категоріями модальності, часу й особи) одним словом чи сполукою слів.

Впишіть відповідь у таблицю. Увага: одне речення зайве і не відповідає жодному тексту.

This speaker

A. recommends a special cinema offer.

B. compares two film adaptations of the same book.

C. wants listeners to give their opinion.

D. invites listeners to visit a film studio.

E. explains why books are better than films.






Завдання 2.

Hello, everybody. I’ve been listening to your discussion and I’d like to give my view. I think some film adaptations are good. For example, the Swedish film based on the book The Moonlight Story was fantastic. The scenes were exactly as they were written in the book and they got great actors to play the leading roles. There’s also a Hollywood version, but it has very little to do with the book. They changed the location and took out the key point which makes the story so special. I don’t understand why.


Many people say that films ruin the books, but it’s not true. They just give a different perspective on the story. Come and see for yourselves. This month the Odeon invites everyone to watch an amazing collection of the best film adaptations. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. you can watch a literature classic on the big screen. And if you buy tickets for three shows, the next one will be free. You can’t miss this chance!


Today’s programme is about films based on books. So we want to ask you whether or not you believe that films can inspire people to read more. Watching a film is a different experience from reading a book for sure, but is it better or worse? I remember a few times when after watching a film I ran to the bookshop to get a copy of the book. Has it ever happened to you? What film was it? Call us on 021343465 and tell us what you think.


In my opinion, when you watch films, you don’t have to use your imagination as much as while reading. When you take a book, you create the characters and places in your mind in your own unique way. And you can experience the story at your own pace. Films are fun, but everything happens too quickly in them.

adapted from www.bbc.co.uk

Завдання 3. (0–6)

Двічі прослухайте 6 текстів. Із запропонованих відповідей виберіть ту, яка відповідає змісту тексту. Закресліть літеру A, B або C.
Текст 1.

3.1. The conversation takes place

  1. at the doctor’s.

  2. on the playing field.

  3. in the classroom.

Текст 2.

3.2. The hotel isn’t a good choice for people who

  1. are afraid of heights.

  2. need a swimming pool.

  3. want to use a gym every day.

Текст 3.

3.3. Mum thinks Tom needs

  1. another shirt and suit for school.

  2. a new pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

  3. something elegant for a special occasion.

Текст 4.

3.4. The speaker thinks that Woody Allen

  1. likes Paris more than New York.

  2. shouldn’t film in Paris on rainy days.

  3. did a lot of research on Paris for his film.

Tекст 5.

3.5. The text is

  1. a news item about a furniture sale.

  2. an advertisement for a piece of furniture.

  3. an expert’s advice on how to choose a bed.

Текст 6.

3.6. Which sentence is TRUE about Major Phil Packer?

  1. He has improved on his result from an earlier London Marathon.

  2. He couldn’t take part in the London Marathon in 2009.

  3. He asked charities for financial help to walk the London Marathon.


Завдання 3.

Woman: What’s the matter? Why are you sitting here?

Boy: I think I twisted my ankle when I kicked the ball to Jake.

Woman: Show me your ankle, please. Does it hurt when you move your foot?

Boy: Yes, it really hurts. I can’t stand on it.

Woman: I’d better call the school nurse. Stay on the grass here and don’t move until she comes.

Boy: OK, coach, but could you tell my biology teacher, Miss Jones, what’s happened? She will be angry if I’m late for her class again.

Власний текст


Many hotel guests ask for a room with a view. Before you choose the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong, you’d better make sure you are brave enough to look out of the window. The hotel is located at the top of a skyscraper. Even if you book the lowest-level room, you are still over 400 metres above the ground. The top floor has a gym open 7 days a week and a swimming pool with windows all around, so while you’re relaxing there, you can enjoy an amazing view of Victoria Harbour.

adapted from www.booking.com


Tom: Mum, I need a pair of jeans and a new T-shirt.

Mum: Tom, you’ve got enough casual clothes. Wouldn’t you rather get a smart suit?

Tom: What for? I can’t think of when I’d need to put it on.

Mum: Your sister’s wedding for example… Jeans and a T-shirt are all right for school…

Tom: But I can wear my old suit, can’t I?

Mum: Don’t you think it’s a bit too small now? You’ve grown a little since last year. And it’s definitely out of fashion. Tom, I want to be proud of you… It’s an important day. The whole family will be there.

Tom: All right, mum.

Власний текст


Woody Allen is an amazing director because he can show the character of cities in his films very well. I know New York will always be his favourite but I’m sure Paris is right behind. Midnight in Paris is not his first film made there, but it’s definitely his best. He shows Paris today and in the 1920s, and even when it rains the city looks great. In my opinion, the secret is the perfect lighting. It’s also clear that Allen has read a lot about the place, the artists who lived there and the fashion of the times.

adapted from www.cinemaspy.com


Everybody knows how hard and time-consuming it is to make one’s bed. And you have to do it every day. Not anymore. Now we’ve come up with a smart bed. You simply press a button when you wake up and the job is done. The process takes just 50 seconds so you can sleep a few minutes longer! So, visit our website and order one for yourself.

adapted from www.technology-digital.com


Major Phil Packer, a soldier who came back from Iraq with a serious back injury, has just completed another London Marathon. This time it took him only one day. That’s 13 days faster than his result in 2009. Then he was so weak that he needed 2 weeks to walk the same distance. The London Marathon is just one of the walks he has completed to raise money for charity. Altogether he has collected £13 million for people in need.

adapted from Daily Mail, December 31, 2010

Розуміння прочитаного тексту

Якщо йдеться про перевірку розуміння прочитаного тексту на випускному іспиті з сучасної іноземної мови, то варто було б при створенні екзаменаційних завдань врахувати наступні елементи:

Базовий рівень

Джерело текстів

Автентичні або адаптовані тексти

Загальна довжина текстів

Близько 900–1200 слів

Типи завдань

закриті завдання: багатократний вибір, на встановлення відповідності, вірно/невірно

Підрахунок балів

за кожну правильну відповідь атестований учень отримує 1 бал

Кількість завдань


Доля в сумарному результаті


Таб. 4 Випускний іспит з сучасної іноземної мови на базовому рівні – розуміння читаного тексту

Варто подбати про те, щоб учні виконували завдання, що базуються на автентичних текстах, або автентичних адаптованих, що дозволить перевірити їх в автентичній ситуації спілкування. Тексти не повинні бути занадто довгі: ця процедура дозволить учневі краще сконцентруватися під час виконання завдань. Подібно до завдань з аудіювання, екзаменаційні завдання повинні бути закритими завданнями, що дозволить об'єктивно оцінити уміння учня. За кожну правильну відповідь екзаменований отримує 1 бал. Екзаменаційні завдання повинні перевіряти вміння, визначені в програмній основі такі, як:

  • визначення контексту прочитаного тексту;

  • визначення головної думки прочитаного тексту;

  • визначення головної думки окремих частин прочитаного тексту;

  • визначення інтенції (намірів) лектора/автора тексту;

  • розпізнання зв'язків між окремими частинами тексту;

  • знаходження в тексті конкретної, визначеної інформації.

Нижче наведені завдання з польського випускного іспиту з сучасної англійської мови на базовому рівні, що можуть бути моделлю для реформи української системи зовнішніх іспитів з сучасних іноземних мов.

Завдання 4. (0–4)

Прочитайте інформацію для туристів. Підберіть відповідні питання (A-F) до кожної з відзначених частин тексту (4.1.-4.4.). Впишіть відповідну літеру в кожен квадрат. Увага: два питання зайві і не стосуються жодної частини тексту.

  1. What should I do to avoid health problems?

  2. How close will I get to the animals on safari?

  3. Is it risky to eat food bought at local markets?

  4. Are cities and towns safe for visitors?

  5. What should I do if I get sick?

  6. What are the rules about taking pictures of animals?


Frequently Asked Questions


The national parks’ regulations say that the guide should keep the group at least 25 metres away from animals but it is not always possible. Usually you observe wildlife from a distance but sometimes giraffes or monkeys come so near vehicles that you think you can touch them. Remember that it’s strictly forbidden.


You are not allowed to stand while the vehicle is moving but drivers usually stop whenever you see something of interest. The main limitation is that you mustn’t get out of the vehicle to get your ideal snapshots of the wildlife around. It’s also important not to scare the animals, so you should avoid using a flash.


In Tanzania most hotel resorts are located out of town. It is relatively safe to eat the food offered there but you should be careful with water. It’s easy to get a ‘stomach bug’, so don’t take ice cubes in your drinks and use bottled water even for brushing teeth. And don’t forget to start taking anti-malaria pills before the journey.


You should be careful about your belongings when you are in crowded places, for example at local markets or on public transport. Remember to keep a close watch on your handbag or backpack, especially when you are taking photos in the street. It’s a great opportunity for a pickpocket to steal your wallet.

Оппортьюніті (від англ. Opportunity - слушна нагода), MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover - B) - другий марсохід космічного агентства NASA з двох запущених у рамках проекту Mars Exploration Rover.

adapted from www.bobbytours.com

Завдання 5. (0–3)

Прочитайте три тексти, пов'язані з покупками. З поданих відповідей виберіть відповідь, яка відповідає змісту тексту. Закресліть літеру А, B або C.

Текст 1.


Inventors have come up with a bright idea which might stop kids behaving badly on shopping trips. One of the supermarkets is working with a trolley producer on a design that plays CDs, DVDs and educational games. The design makes use of an electronic screen attached to the handle of the trolley and a seat at the back.

2000 parents questioned in a survey think the invention would be suitable for their kids. A supermarket spokesman said: “Children get bored quickly, but the supermarket can actually be a great place for them to learn new things.”

adapted from CBBC Newsround UK

5.1. The text is about

A. a babysitting service offered in a supermarket.

B. reasons why kids get bored in supermarkets.

C. a new way to entertain kids in supermarkets.

Текст 2.

Dear Editor,

I’ve read your article SHOPPING CENTRE BANS BASEBALL CAPS. What a silly idea! Nobody has the right to tell people what to wear. If shopping centres want to stop shoplifting or prevent anti-social behaviour, they had better employ more security guards. My mates and I love to wear baseball caps but it doesn’t mean we want to steal things or attack people. We’re modern-day teenagers and we want to wear the latest fashions! We’re not going to change clothes before entering a shopping centre!

Emma, 17, Penarth

adapted from www.news.bbc.co.uk

5.2. Emma wrote the letter to

A. criticise a new regulation introduced in a shopping centre.

B. express her negative opinion on teen fashions.

C. explain why teenagers behave badly in shopping centres.

Текст 3.


I walk through the door to see Suze, my new flatmate, sitting in a strange yoga position. I don’t want to disturb her, but she says, “A shopping bag from Denny and George! You’re not serious.”

“I bought myself a scarf,” I say, smiling.

“I must see it!” says Suze enthusiastically.

This is why I love sharing a flat with Suze. My old flatmate, Anna, would say, “Another one?” or “That’s too much money for a scarf,” but Suze understands. She’s even worse than me.

Slowly, I take the scarf out and put it around my neck.

“Oh, Becky,” Suze murmurs. “It’s made for you! Perfect colour and pattern!” and then she asks, “Can I put it on?”

adapted from Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

5.3. Suze thinks that Becky

A. has too few scarves.

B. chose the right scarf for herself.

C. shouldn’t spend so much money.

Завдання 6. (0–5)

Прочитайте текст. З поданих відповідей виберіть ту, яка відповідає змісту тексту. Закресліть літеру А, B, C або D.


One of the things we wanted when we moved to America was to live in a place within walking distance of shops. Hanover, where we settled, is a small college town. It has a traditional Main Street, residential districts with big green lawns and a few parks. In short, it is a great place to walk. Strangely enough, nearly everyone lives within a five-minute walk of the shops, but no one walks.

I walk to town every day. I go to the post office or the local bookshop, and if I feel like it, I stop for a cup of coffee. All this is a big part of my life and I wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way than on foot. People have got used to this strange behaviour now. Yet from the early years I remember a situation when a neighbour saw me on my way back home after my usual morning visit to town. He slowed down and asked if I wanted a lift.

“But I’m going your way. It’s no trouble,” he insisted when I politely refused.

“Honestly, I prefer to walk.”

“Well, if you’re absolutely sure,” he said and drove off feeling as if he were leaving the scene of an accident.

People have become so used to driving that they have no idea what their legs can do. The other day I was in a town called Etna to collect my son from his piano lesson when a car stopped outside the local post office and a man about my age went inside. He was there for three minutes, then came out, drove no more than 16 feet to the general store next door, and popped in again. And the man looked really fit. I’m sure he jogs, plays squash and does all kinds of healthy things, but he drives everywhere. It’s crazy.

Go to almost any suburb developed in the US in the last thirty years and you will not find a pavement anywhere. Often you won’t find a single zebra crossing. Last summer in Maine we stopped in one of those endless zones of shopping malls and fast-food places. I noticed there was a bookshop across the street and wanted to go there while my wife was having coffee. Although the bookshop was no more than 50 feet away, I discovered there was no way to get there on foot. I would have to run across a motorway with three lanes of fast-moving traffic. Finally, I got into my car and drove across. It seemed ridiculous but I realized that I was probably the only person looking around for a zebra crossing.

adapted from Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson

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  • Транскрипція Завдання 1. Susan
  • Susan
  • Завдання 2. (0–4) Двічі прослухайте чотири тексти, які стосуються фільму. До кожного тексту (2.1.-2.4.) підберіть речення
  • This speaker A.
  • Транскрипція Завдання 2. One
  • Завдання 3. (0–6) Двічі прослухайте 6 текстів. Із запропонованих відповідей виберіть ту, яка відповідає змісту тексту. Закресліть літеру A, B або C. Текст 1.
  • 3.1. The conversation takes place
  • Текст 3. 3.3. Mum thinks Tom needs
  • Tекст 5. 3.5. The text is
  • Транскрипція Завдання 3. One Woman
  • Woman
  • Three Tom
  • Завдання 5. (0–3) Прочитайте три тексти, повязані з покупками. З поданих відповідей виберіть відповідь, яка відповідає змісту тексту. Закресліть літеру А, B або C.
  • 5.1. The text is about A.
  • 5.2. Emma wrote the letter to A.
  • 5.3. Suze thinks that Becky A.