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Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

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Додаток №5

Завдання для розвитку навичок говоріння

  1. Warming up process is the global problem.

    • Do you think that the global warming up process is the question of ecology nowadays?

    • What are the reasons of global warming up and how do they influence the life of people?

    • Propose 3 variants of solving this problem.

  1. The history knows a great number of artists, musicians, and writers.

    • What role does the art play in person’s formation?

    • How does the art influence you or somebody you know?

    • How does the lack of aesthetic education influence a personality?

  1. Usually people understand foreign countries via the prism of definite stereotypes.

    • What stereotypes do you think foreigners have about Ukraine?

    • Do you think that these stereotypes are real?

    • Which of them to your mind are bad for Ukraine?

    • What is to be done to change these stereotypes?

  1. Make up a story about the importance of friendship in your life.

    • Describe a character of your best friend.

    • Can people be happy without friends? Explain your point of view.

    • Is it important to be a friend for another person?

  1. The Olympic Games are the festival of sports and talents.

    • In what way do the Olympic Games differ from other sport competitions?

    • What competitions take place during the Olympic Games?

    • Write about the achievements of Ukrainian sportsmen at the Olympic Games.

  1. Describe the educational system of Ukraine.

    • What is the most important thing for modern students?

    • Are you satisfied with the level of modern education?

    • What do you think is to be changed?

  1. You are leaving school and planning to continue your education or go to work.

    • What profession are you dreaming of?

    • What do you need to do for it?

    • Write about your plans for the future.

  1. It is considered that children should listen to what they are told by their parents.

    • Do you agree with this statement?

    • Do you follow the advice you are given by elder people?

    • Does parents’ advice always help children? Do you think that parents' opinion about the modern world is old fashioned?

  1. Make up a story about your favourite teacher.

    • Characterize this person.

    • Write how this person has influenced your life.

    • How can you use this persons' advice in your future life?

  1. Imagine that you are taking part in the international conference on the problem of environmental protection.

    • Describe the problems that caused pollution of the environment in Ukraine

    • Give some examples of solving the same problems in other countries.

  1. Write a message about one of the outstanding writers of the country, the language of which you learn.

    • Describe the most interesting periods of this author’s life.

    • Describe the role of his works in the world literature.

    • Write briefly about the most famous works by the writer you have chosen.

  1. Imagine that you have been invited to the conference concerning healthy way of life.

    • Describe the Health Care System in Ukraine.

    • How do you understand the meaning of the phrase “healthy way of life”?

    • Name advantages of the healthy way of life.

  1. Imagine that you have to make a report at the international conference devoted to the question of political stability in the countries of Eastern Europe.

    • Describe the political structure of Ukraine.

    • Write about the differences in the political system of Ukraine and Great Britain.

  1. Imagine that you are taking part in the environmental protection conference.

    • Write about the way the development of modern transport influences the increasing level of air and water pollution.

    • Name the advantages of using ecologically safe kinds of transport.

  1. Imagine that you are responsible for preparing a brief review for the television magazine.

    • Make up a TV programme for one of the channels.

    • Write about the TV programs you would advise to watch first. Why?

  1. Imagine that you have been suggested to report at the literature club meeting.

    • Speak about your favourite literary work.

    • Point out what literary genre it belongs to.

    • Name other works of this genre that you would advise to read.

  1. Imagine that you are writing a letter to your pen friend.

    • Share your impressions about the book which you have read recently.

    • Advise him to read this work by all means.

    • Ask your friend to write about his thoughts concerning the work he would read in future.

  1. Imagine that you are visiting some language courses in Great Britain or the USA.

    • Write a report about the importance of learning foreign languages.

  1. Imagine that you are taking part in the international student conference concerning the influence of youth music on their way of life.

    • Make up a short text of the speech concerning this theme.

    • Write about the main music styles which are popular among the modern youth.

  1. Imagine that you are taking part in the activity of the summer language camp together with the representatives from different countries.

    • Prepare some information about the main historical places of your city.

    • Advise what places are worth visiting.

    • Write about the most interesting historical events which happened in Ukraine.

  1. Every culture of the world has its own traditional cuisine.

    • Describe your family’s food traditions.

    • Write about your favourite dishes.

    • What cafes and restaurants are so popular among Ukrainians?

  1. Nowadays mobile phones are very popular among teenagers, some of them don’t switch them off during the lessons.

    • Do you use a mobile phone? How often? Why?

    • Write about the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.

  1. Imagine you are taking part in the activity of the ecological club.

    • Make a report about keeping animals in zoos and ecological parks.

    • Explain why modern zoos and safari parks are so popular places for having a rest among children and grown ups.

  1. Make a report about one of the famous writers of the country the language of which you study.

    • Briefly characterize the period when this writer lived.

    • Name his main works.

    • Express your opinion about his literary works.

  1. Imagine that you are going to visit an international language camp and you are going to make a report about any English –speaking country.

    • Describe the geographical position, climate, natural resources and traditions of this country.

    • Name the most famous places of this country.

  1. Every culture of the world has its own traditional cuisine.

    • Describe traditions of English food.

    • Name the national dishes of this country.

  1. Pointing out their life aims, everyone chooses his or her own examples to follow.

    • Describe the person who is an example for you.

    • Briefly characterize this person.

    • What features of character of this person are the most attractive for you?

  1. Describe your point of view as for the importance of technological development in people’s lives.

    • Make the examples of improvement of our life standards due to the new technologies.

    • Make the negative examples of the influence of new technologies on people’s lives.

    • What is the life like in the world where the development of technologies plays an important role?

  1. Imagine that you’ve got an opportunity to change one of the events of the world history.

    • Write about the event you would like to change and why?

    • Do you think, these changes would have influenced the next period of history.

  1. Imagine that you’ve won a huge sum of money in a lottery and decided to make a world cruise.

    • What countries would you like to visit?

    • What would you like to see in these countries?

    • What kind of transport would you use during your cruise?

Додаток 6

Готуємось до зовнішнього незалежного тестування

Граматичний посібник з англійської мови

Фразові дієслова


Архангельська Олена Анатоліївна

Пояснювальна записка

Програма зовнішнього незалежного оцінювання з англійської мови створена з урахуванням основних положень Державного стандарту базової та повної загальної середньої освіти, Загальноєвропейських рекомендацій з мовної освіти (рівень В1) та рівнів навчальних досягнень випускників середніх шкіл, викладених у змісті чинної програми з іноземних мов для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів України. Контроль лексичної та граматичної компетенції (використання мови) передбачає визначення рівня сформованості мовних навичок: здатності самостійно добирати і формоутворювати лексичні одиниці та граматичні явища відповідно до комунікативних потреб спілкування у межах сформульованих завдань. Серед багатьох питань одним із найскладніших є питання використання фразових дієслів.

Програма зовнішнього незалежного тестування передбачає навички використання фразових дієслів з: get, be, look, keep, go, come, take, run, turn, call, break, give, put, make, clear, cut, fall, hold, let, hand. Цей розділ лексики викликає багато ускладнень у учнів, ат же матеріалу з цього питання багато, але він недостатньо систематизований. Даний посібник надає найбільш уживані варіанти та вправі на відпрацювання. Посібник стане у нагоді для випускників, які готуються здавати зовнішнє незалежне тестування, та учителів, які працюють в школі.


Come about

Happened, especially smth. which is not planned

I’m not sure how that came about.

Come along

Arrive at a place

He came along in time.

Come apart

separate into pieces

The vase came apart in my hands.

Come around (round)

Become conscious again

He came round after the operation.

Come across

1) Find by chance.

2) Appear, seem, make an impression.

1) Julie came across some photographs of her grandparents in the attic.

2) The candidate came across as a dynamic person during the interview.

Come down to

Depend mostly on or be influenced most by

My decision will come down to his recommendations.

Come forward

Present oneself.

The police have asked any witnesses to come forward.

Come out

1)Disappear or become less strong

2)Become public knowledge after it has been kept secret

3)Be given to people (information)

4)Leave after a period in a place

1)Let your skirt soak overnight and the stain will come out.

2) If this story comes out about the prime-minister he’ll have to resign.

3)When will your exam results come out?

4)He’s coming out of hospital at the weekend.

Come off

Happen successfully or as planned

I was planning to arrange a surprise holiday on her birthday but I’m not sure if it will come off.

Come to

Make (a decision)

I’ve got to come to a decision.

Come up

  1. Is mentioned or discussed

  1. Happen unexpectedly

  1. become available

1)The subject came up in conversation.

2) Something had come up and he didn’t arrive.

3)A place on the council is not going to come up.

come up against

Be faced with or opposed by.

The project came up against a lot of criticism.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the correct particle.

  1. Do you have any glue? The cover of my address book is coming _______ and I want to stick it together again.

  2. I spilt some orange juice on the table cloth. Do you think it will come ____ if I put it in the washing machine?

  3. The last thing I remember was feeling very dizzy. The next thing I knew, I came ________ in hospital.

  4. The government is going to release a report on traffic congestion. I wonder when it’s coming ______.

  5. We were just chatting at the corner when Tom came _____ with his new girlfriend.

  6. I hear John’s operation was successful. When is he coming _____ the clinic?

  7. Some very shocking facts have come ____ about government corruption thanks to an investigation by a national newspaper.

Exercise 2.Complete the dialogues with ‘come’.

  1. A: We lost everybody’s e-mail address and had to start all over again.

B: Really? How did that _________?

A: Oh, it was some computer virus.

  1. A: David keeps saying he is going to sail around the world.

B: Huh! Do think it will ever ________?

A: Probably not. He’s such a dreamer.

  1. A: We’ll let you know what we decide. We’ll phone you.

B: When do you think you’ll _________?

A: Probably on Friday.

  1. A: I thought you were coming to the dinner party last night.

B: Yes, I was intending to but at the last minute something __________

A: Oh, I see. You must come next time.

Exercise 3.Replace the underlined verbs with ‘come’.


You may have to deal with a few problems at work today, but don’t worry they are only temporary, and a new job opportunity will arise which could change your life. The name of an old friend is mentioned in conversation, bringing back powerful memories.

You will meet someone by pure chance who seems to share the same world view as you, but be careful they are not what they seem to be. Don’t forget that, in the end, true love is mainly about finding someone you can trust.


get along (with)

Be on good terms / work well with.

I get along (well) with my mother-in-law.

get at


What exactly are you trying to get at?

get away


The robbers got away in a black car.

get away with

Succeed in not being criticized or punished

She got away with making a mistake.

get behind

Not to do as much work or not to pay as much as you should do

I got behind because I spent too much time on the Internet.

get by (on)

1) Manage to cope or to survive.

2) Have enough money to pay for the things you need.

It’s difficult to get by on a low salary.

I get by with a bit of help from my parents.

get down to

Start to actually do something.

It’s time to get down to some serious work!

get in


How did the burglar get in?

get into (+ noun)


How did the burglar get into the house?

get off

1) Leave (bus, train or plane).

2) Remove from something.

1) Get off the bus at Trafalgar Square.

2) She’s trying to get off the stain.

get on

Board (bus, train, plane)

You can pay when you get on the bus.

get on with

Continue to do something / make progress

Be quiet and get on with your homework.

get on (well) with

Have a good relationship with

I get on very well with my colleagues.

get out


How did he get out?

get out of (+noun)


How did he get out of the house?

get out of (+verb)

Avoid doing something

Some husbands manage to get out of doing any housework.

get over

Recover from (illness, disappointment)

Charlie had the flu but he got over it.

can’t get over smth.

Be very surprised or shocked that smth. has happened or that smth. is true

I can’t get over how he manages to do it.

get smth. over with

do and complete smth. difficult and unpleasant

Let‘s get this meeting over.

get rid of


It's difficult to get rid of old habits.

get round (to)

Find the necessary time to do something.

Find the way to solve the problem.

I finally got round to making the list that I promised.

get together

Meet each other

Let's get together for lunch one day.

get up

Rise / leave bed

I usually get up at 7 o'clock.

Exercise 1.Choose the correct particle to complete these sentences.
1.Why don't you get your homework -------------------------------with so you can

enjoy the rest of the evening?

a) around b) over c) by d) away

2. As soon as Sue and Imet, we knew we were going to get---------------------- well.

a) round b) atc) on d) up

3. I just can't come out with you tonight as I've got so.................with


a) up b) over c) away d) behind

4. Why does Rita always get........................with arriving late? It doesn't

seem fair.

a) by b) away c) on d) over

5.I'm going to have to get....................... to filling in my tax form soon.

a) round b) over c) away d)behind

6. I hope you'll be able to get...................... from work at a reasonable time tonight.

a) away b) behind c) at d) over

7.Your mother couldn'tget...........................the cost of restaurants in London.

a) up b) roundc) byd) over

Exercise 2.

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  • Додаток 6 Готуємось до зовнішнього незалежного тестування
  • Упорядник Архангельська Олена Анатоліївна
  • Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the correct particle.
  • Exercise 2. Complete the dialogues with ‘come’.
  • Exercise 3. Replace the underlined verbs with ‘come’.
  • Exercise 1. Choose the correct particle to complete these sentences.