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Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

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Exercise 1.Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.

1.My mother asked to give the puppy … as she didn’t like dogs.

2. The Russian army was not the best but they never gave … .

3. In 1918 Arthur Conan Doyle was given …. a knight.

4. My friend wants to give … smoking.

5. They found some new information and gave it … .

6. She promised to give my book …on Monday.

7. The plant gave … many polluting gases so it was closed.

8. He was an old man and he just gave … such a difficult journey.

9. Many people have given a lot …. our lyceum.

10. The teacher asked to give the books … the class.

11. I have given … the text-book as I don’t learn English any more.

12. We are not going to give … , we’ll fight for our freedom.

13. William the Conqueror gave himself … a king.

14. I will never give … this job because I like it.

15. They asked not to give the news … .

16. He gave the journal … yesterday.

17. The animal gave …. an awful scream.

18. We’ll not give …, it is our chance to live.

19. She gave much … her son.

20. I will give this book … my sister if you want.
Exercise 2.TranslateintoEnglish

1.Она пообещала мне вернуть журнал, когда прочитает. 2. Им предложили сдаться, но они боролись до конца. 3. Украина провозгласила свою независимость в 1991.4. Он решил бросить пить и найти работу. 5. Эти факты раньше не были обнародованы. 6.Мне вернули книгу в ужасном состоянии. 7. Она ужасно вскрикнула, когда увидела аварию. 8. Я не выдержала этой тяжелой поездки и заболела. 9. Он посвятил всю жизнь детям. 10. Знания передаются из поколения в поколение. 11. Мне не хотелось отдавать эту картину, она мне очень нравилась. 12. Мы не сдадимся и закончим работу в срок. 13. Его провозгласили президентом. 14. Он бросил работу. 15. Нам разрешат обнародовать эту историю. 16. Анна вернула машину и поблагодарила Тома за нее. 17. Цветок издавал волшебный аромат. 18. Школа много дала ученикам, и они ее никогда не забудут. 19. Джек пообещал передать деньги матери. 20. Я не выдержу еще одной такой вечеринки.


cut across

to take a shortcut over an area instead of going around the edge.

It'll be quicker to cut across the field.

cut back

to reduce the amount of money being spent

The government has cut back on education with less teachers.

cut down

  1. to remove a tree or plant by cutting it near the base

  1. to reduce the number or quantity of something

To make bigger fields, the farmer has cut down lot of the hedges.

The article was too long and so I had to cut it down to fit the space.

cut in

to interrupt someone when they are speaking

I was trying to explain it when she cut in and started talking.

cut off

  1. to stop supplies of something like electricity or water

  2. to stop a telephone connection

They didn't pay the bills and the electricity was cut off.

I'll ring him back. We got cut off in the middle of the conversation.

cut out

when an engine or piece of machinery suddenly stops working

There's a problem with my car.

The engine keeps cutting out.

cut through (difficulty)

to be able to deal with the problems or bureaucracy quickly

To get the permits in time, we had to find a way to cut through all the bureaucracy.

cut up

to divide something into smaller pieces

It was too big to go into the bin so I cut it up.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps

  1. She can cut… the complex legal language and get to the point.

  2. We cut …..the old tree in the garden as it blocked all the light.

  3. I have cut ….the number of hours I work to only thirty a week now.

  4. She quickly cut …..the car park to where he was standing.

  5. The water was cut ….while they repaired the leaking pipes.

  6. I've had to cut ….on my spending as I'm not making any money at the moment.

  7. He really annoys me. He's always cutting ….and never lets me speak.

  8. I'm sorry but I pressed the wrong button and cut you…...

  9. When I stopped at the lights, the engine cut…...

  10. At the end, there was a cake left so we cut it….. and each took a piece home.

  11. Opinion on this issue cuts …….traditional political boundaries.

  12. If we don’t sell more we’ll have to cut …. production.

  13. He was cut… by an assassin’s bullet.

  14. She kept cutting … on our conversation.

  15. We need to cut the article ….. to 1000 words.

  16. “Forget it! “ she cut…..

  17. The doctor told him to cut …. on his drinking.

  18. We were cut … in the middle of our conversation.

  19. He cut …. the meat on his plate.

  20. Our water supply has been cut ….

  21. They were cut … for not paying the telephone bill.

BREAKbreak away

  1. to stop being part of a group because you disagree with them

  2. to separate or move away from someone who is holding you

Several members broke away and formed their own group.

She broke away from her mother and ran out of the room.

break down

  1. when a machine or vehicle stops working

  2. when a discussion or arrangement fails due to disagreement

  3. to separate it into small pieces in order to deal with it more easily

  4. when someone starts crying uncontrollably or becomes very ill when they cannot cope with their problems.

We broke down about two kilometres out of town and had to walk home.

Talks have broken down. They are unable to reach an agreement.

If you break down the big jobs into individual tasks, they are much more manageable.

When we told her what had happened she broke down and cried.

break in

  1. to enter a property by force or illegally

  2. to interrupt someone when they are speaking

Burglars have broken into several properties in the area recently.

As usual, when I was talking, she broke in and didn't let me finish my story.

break out

  1. to start suddenly

  1. to suddenly become covered in something

Fire broke out during the night.

He broke out in a cold sweat.

Break through

  1. to make new and important discoveries

  2. to make away through something using force

  1. to overcome

Scientists are breaking through in the space research.

The enemy broke through the defense line.

He broke through this difficult situation.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps

  1. Although he was holding her by the arms, she managed to break….. .

  2. We have broken the costs …..by area so we can see what regions are less profitable.

  1. Some of the members of the party disagreed with their policy and broke ….. to form their own party.

  2. Negotiations broke ……when the unions turned down the company's latest offer.

  3. This machine is very old and is always breaking …... We need to change it.

  4. They broke ….. the window and stole jewellery, cash and my laptop.

  5. We were talking about Ralph when Sue broke …. and said we didn't know anything about him.

  6. She broke …… after a long period of stress and was hospitalized for several months.

  7. The prisoner broke ….. from his guards.

  8. The telephone system has broken ……

  9. She broke ….from the pack and opened up a two second lead.

  10. Negations between the two sides have broken ….

  11. We broke …. on the freeway.

  12. Burglars had broken …. while we were away.

  13. She longed to break in on their conversation but didn’t want to appear rude.

  14. Her face broke … in a rash.

  15. Scientists think they are beginning to break …. in the fight against cancer.

  16. Expenditure on the project breaks….as follows: wages $ 10 m, plant 2 m, roar materials 5 m.

  17. “I didn’t do it!” she broke …..

  18. Each lesson is broken … into several pieces.

  19. Demonstrators broke ... the police cordon.

  20. They had escaped to America before war broke …. in 1939.

  21. He broke … and wept when he heard the news.

  22. He had finally managed to break …. her reserve,

  23. Fighting had broken … between rival groups of fans.


fall apart

  1. to break into pieces because it is badly made

  2. to stop working properly or efficiently

It was a cheap dress. The first time I wore it, it fell apart.

The group fell apart when two or three members left and no one replaced them.

fall back on something

  1. to use something when everything else has failed, to use something reliable

If I don't get this job, I don't have any savings to fall back on.

fall behind

  1. to do something more slowly than others so that you are behind

  2. to not be on schedule

I couldn't walk as fast as everyone else and soon fell behind.

We didn't want to fall behind .

fall down

  1. to go from a vertical position to the ground.

  2. an argument or an idea is not complete or doesn't work

The old oak tree in the garden fell down in the storm.

That's where your argument falls down. What you say isn't logical.

fall for

  1. to fall in love with

  1. to be taken in by a trick or something that is not true

He is besotted. He has really fallen for her in a big way.

That is such an obvious lie. Nobody is going to fall for that.

fall in with

to become friendly with a group

He stopped going to school when he fell in with a bad crowd.

fall into

it belongs to that group

It isn't a romantic comedy or a drama. It doesn't really fall into either category.

fall off

  1. to separate from something it was attached to

  2. to become less or lower

When I got home I was surprised to see that picture had fallen off the wall.

Demand for our products is falling off in Europe.

fall out

  1. to have an argument and no longer be friendly with that person

  2. something drops to the ground from the container it was in

It's not that important. I don't want to fall out over it.

When I opened the cupboard, it fell out and broke on the floor.

fall over

to become unbalanced and end up lying on the ground

I tripped on the edge of the sidewalk and fell over into the road.

fall through

about a plan or arrangement that goes wrong and cannot be completed

I'm not doing anything this weekend. Our plans have fallen through.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps

  1. He fell …… her the first time he saw her and asked her to marry him the second time!

  2. At university, she fell ….. with a group that introduced her to the theatre.

  3. I had terrible problems assembling the shelves; they fell …… as soon as I put something on them.

  4. The work falls …… three distinct parts; administrative, planning and financial.

  5. I still haven't picked up the apples that fell …….. during the strong winds last week.

  6. He told me he was going to invest the money for me and I fell it ……..

  7. The number of tourists falls ….. during the wet season but quickly goes back up as soon as it is over.

  8. They fell ….. over money when they started a business together and haven't spoken since.

  9. During the play, some of the stage set fell ….. and hit one of the actors on the head.

  10. Without Joe's leadership, the department just fell ……. and was unable to work as it had before.

  11. The deal fell …….. when the seller started demanding too much money.

  12. I held on very tightly to the side of the boat. I couldn't swim so I didn't want to fall …….

  13. This is the difficult part where everyone falls …….. Nobody knows how to do it.

  14. They don't have very much capital to fall ….. ….. if this venture fails.

  15. I slipped on the sidewalk and fell …… and hurt my back.

  16. The problems we have had mean that we have fallen ……… and won't meet the deadline.

  17. When she fell …….. the other runners, no one thought she would catch up and win the race.

Exercise 2. Translate into English:

1.Наші плани зруйнувалися через нестаток грошей.

2. Я кинувся до дверей і спотикнувся я через кота в коридорі.

3. У нього випав зуб.

4. Коли я відкрив шафу, чашка випала і розбилася.

5. Питання не варте уваги. Я не хочу сперечатися через нього.

6. Відвідування лекцій цього професора значно знизилось.

7. Я не можу зрозуміти до якого жанру віднести цей роман.

8.Вона одразу затоваришувала з групою студентів.

9. Вона одразу закохалися один в одного.

10. Дивуюсь, що ти попався на цей трюк.

11. Багато дерев впали під час бурі.

12. Незважаючи на те , що він був дуже красномовний, його аргументи не спрацювали.

13. Він довго хворів і відстав від свого класу.

14. Він знову невчасно закінчив свій проект.

15. Вона знову послалася на свою звичайну відмовку про нестачу часу.

16. Хоч вони й одружилися через велике кохання, їх шлюб розпався через рік.

17. Я не можу їхати цією автівкою, вона розсипається.


hold back

  1. to restrain or stop something working.

2) to not say or do something

High rates of tax are holding back economic growth.

I wanted to tell him but something held me back.

hold down

  1. to stop something increasing

  1. to keep a job even if it is difficult

Government is trying to hold down public spending.

There are lots of women who hold down high powered jobs and have children.

hold off

to delay doing something

or delay making a decision about it

That house won't be on the market very long.

Don't hold ;off making an offer.

hold on

  1. to wait for a short time

  1. to ask people to wait a few moments

Let's see if he arrives. We can hold on a couple of minutes.

I'll just check that for you if you'd like to hold on.

hold out

to put something in front of you

He was very formal.

He held out his hand for me to shake it.

hold out for

to wait for what you want and not accept less

They were on strike for a long time.

Holding out for a 10% increase in salary.

hold up

to delay something

The construction was held up by bad weather.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps

  1. We have to hold ….. costs if we want to increase our margins.

  2. You can't hold ……. much longer, you have to give him an answer.

  3. Could you hold……… please while I see if he's available?

  4. Jim was late again. He got held ……. in heavy traffic on the motorway.

  5. Although she didn't agree, she held …….. and didn't say anything.

  6. She was holding …… a very responsible position when she was only twenty-three.

  7. We can't hold ……. much longer, we're going to miss the train. We'll have to go without him.

  8. I think we should hold ……. for a better price. House prices are beginning to rise again.

  9. He could easily get promotion if he were more a team player. His attitude is holding him ……...

  10. She held …… her glass so that I could refill it.

Exercise 2. Choose the correct particle

  1. An accident is holding …. traffic.

a)in b) out c)up

  1. The union negotiators are holding …. for a more generous pay settlement.

a) away b) out c) across

  1. My application was held … by the postal strike.

  1. in b)on c)up

  1. I held out my hand to steady her.

  1. out b) back c) up

  1. He held …. the keys and I took them.

  1. back b) in c) out

  1. Can you hold ….? I’ll see if he is here.

a) on b) in c) away

7. We could get a new computer now or hold …. until prices are lower.

a) on b)of c)off

8. Could you hold ….making you decision for a few days.

a) on b) out c) off

9. He was unable to hold ….. a job after his breakdown.

a) away b) down c) back

10. The rate of inflation must be held …….

a) upon b) away c) down

11. Do you think that mixed ability classes hold back the better students.

a) back b)upon c) forward


let down

to disappoint someone

I promised to do it, I can't let her down.

let in

  1. to allow someone to enter

  1. to allow water, light or air into something which is normally sealed

I have a front door key.

I can let myself in. I opened the curtains to let in the sunshine.

let in for

to be involved in something difficult or unpleasant

This job is very hard.

I didn't realize what I was letting myself in for.

let in on

to tell someone about something which is secret

I don't know what they're doing. They wouldn't let me in on their plans.

let off

  1. to not punish someone when they have done something wrong

  1. to allow someone to not do something they should do

He was caught smoking in the office but they let him off because it was the first time.

I owed him some money but he let me off. I didn't have to pay him back.

let out

  1. to allow someone to leave a place, usually by opening a door

  1. to make a particular sound

He stopped at the traffic lights to let me out.

When she heard the news, she let out a huge sigh of relief.

let up

to cease or to decrease in intensity

We'll go out for a walk if the rain lets up.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.

  1. She didn't realize how much work she was letting herself…… for doing this course.

  2. They all let…… a groan when they heard the bad news.

  3. I need some new boots for winter. These let water……..

  4. The pressure at work is non-stop. It never lets……….

  5. I was supposed to work until 10 pm but my boss let me……. at 9.

  6. They let us…….. badly by not completing the work on time.

  7. Let me……. at the end of the road. I can walk the rest of the way.

  8. I'll let you ………. this time but if you do it again, you'll be severely punished.

  9. They're at the door. Can you let them……?

  10. The pain finely let …..

  11. She saw a ghost and let … a cream of terror.

  12. She speaks French very fluently, but her pronunciation lets her ….

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