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Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

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Exercise 2.Choose the correct particle.

  1. She was let …. with a warning because her crime wasn’t found very serious.

  1. in b) off c) on

  1. The teacher let us … homework today.

  1. off b) down c) away

  1. This machine won’t let you …..

  1. In b) back c) down

  1. Are you going to let them … on your plans?

  1. In b) upon c) down

  1. He trudged home feeling lonely and let …..

a)to b) down c)back

  1. I am afraid she let us … badly.

a)into b)onto c) down

  1. We have quarreled and I will never let him…..

a)in b)on c)under

  1. I opened the window and let … the sunlight.

a)for b) forward c) in

9. You are not such a close friend of mine to let you on my plans.

a)on b)off c) in

10. When she agreed to take his offer she didn’t know what a serious trouble she

let herself ….. ….. .

        1. in for b) out of c) forward to


put across

to explain or to express something

We have to put the message across a little bit more clearly.

put aside

to save money

He's got enough money. He has put some aside.

put at

to roughly calculate a cost or figure

The first estimate put the damage at about £10 000.

put  away

to replace something in the place it is normally kept

Can you put all your toys away please, darling?

put back

  1. to return something to its original place

  2. to change the time of an event until a later time

I put the books back on the shelf after I had looked at them. I can't make it on Thursday. Can we put it back until Friday?

put behind

to try to forget about something unpleasant

I've forgotten all about it. I've put it behind me.


  1. to stop carrying or holding something

  1. to criticize someone or their ideas

  2. to end a phone call

My bag was heavy so I put it down on the floor.

He's always criticizing, always putting people down.

I was so angry, I just put the phone down on him.

put forward

  1. to suggest something for discussion

  1. to suggest someone for a job or position

A few suggestions have been put forward for consideration.

He put his name forward as a candidate for election.

put in

  1. to install new equipment or a new system

  1. to invest

We have put in a more powerful engine in the new version. I've put a lot of money in this project. I hope to make a good profit.

put in for

to request a transfer or to apply for a job

I hope I get the job in Toronto. I've put in for a transfer there.

put into

to invest a lot in smth

I'm not happy with the result even though I've put a lot of time into it.

put off

  1. to postpone to a later time

  1. to switch it off

Tomorrow will be too late. Don't put it off.

I couldn't sleep. I finally put the light off at two a.m.

put someone off

  1. to stop them doing something by disturbing them

  2. to make another person dislike someone

I wish he would let me work quietly. His talking puts me off my work.

His arrogant attitude puts people off him very quickly.

put on

  1. to place a piece of clothing over a part of the body to wear it

  2. to turn the light on

  3. to gain a few kilos

It's cold in here. I'm going to put a sweater on. It's dark in here. Can you put the light on, please? He was looking a little fatter. I think he has put some weight on.

put out

  1. to turn a light off

  2. to extinguish something burning

  3. to cause somebody extra trouble

We don't need the light now. Could you put it out? You can't smoke in here. Please put that cigarette out. Please don't go to any trouble. I don't want to put you out.

put over'

to express an idea or opinion

He expresses himself very well and puts his ideas over very clearly.

put someone through

  1. to make them do something unpleasant or to suffer it

  2. to connect the caller to another person.

I'm sorry, we have to do it. I really don't want to put you through it.

Please hold the line, I'm putting you through.

put something together

to assemble

This modern flat pack furniture is very easy to put together.

put money towards

to use a sum of money to pay a part of the cost of something

When he died, he left me some money which I am going to put towards a house.

put up

  1. to erect a building or structure

  2. to open something which is folded

  3. to provide money for a project

4. to increase a price

Where the old theatre used to be, they have put up a new apartment block. She hit me with her umbrella as she was putting it up. Without guarantees, the bank won't put up any money for the project. We need to put up our prices.

put someone up

to let them stay in your home for a short time

If you go to Australia, I'm sure some of the family will put you up during your stay.

put someone up to

to encourage them to do something wrong or silly

I don't think it was his idea. I think someone put him up to it.

put up with

to tolerate something

He's impossible to work with. I don't know how you put up with him.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.

  1. I can put you ….. for a few days while the painters finish your flat.

  2. I wonder if John put him …… to it. He wouldn't have done it alone.

  3. Not a very good presentation. He didn't put his ideas ……… very well at all.

  4. I've put ……… £100 a month for over a year.

  5. I think he's the same age as my father. I would put him …….. 50.

  6. I really don't like it but I know I'm going to have to put….. with it.

  7. When you have finished, can you put everything ……… , please?

  8. I've put the clean clothes ………. except your shirts. I don't know where to put them.

  9. My appointment has been put ……… until next month.

  10. You have to put everything ……….. you and move on with your life.

  11. Don't put your cup ……… there. It will leave a mark on the table.

  12. Jan put ……….. a few ideas for raising money for the charity.

  13. We've just had a new bathroom put…….

  14. I've put all my money …… government bonds.

  15. You never support me. You are always putting me……….

  16. She's put ……. for the job in the Export department but I don't think she's qualified for it.

  17. I've put Peter's name ……….. for the post in accounts.

  18. After I put the phone ……., I remembered why I'd called you.

  19. We've put ………an excellent team to work on this project.

  20. They're putting ……. a new sports stadium just outside the town.

  21. It only took fifteen minutes to put …… the tent.

  22. The people in the city put ……. most of the money for the restoration of the theatre.

  23. I'm going to put my Christmas bonus ……….. my summer holiday.

  24. Their prices are really high now because they have put them …….. by ten per cent.

  25. All the people watching put him …… his game. He didn't play very well at all.

  26. She's put the wedding ….. until her father has recovered from his illness.

  27. The stories I heard about him really put me ….. him.

  28. She put a lot of effort ……. getting it right.

  29. Can you put the light ….., please? It'll be easier to see the screen.

  30. I must go on a diet, I've put five kilos …. since the holidays.

  31. Before going out, he put his boots, coat and hat…...

  32. I'd be happy to do it. You're not putting me …… at all.

  33. It took only a few minutes for the fire-fighters to put the fire …….

  34. We put …… the light and sat in the dark.

  35. We can't put him ………. the ordeal of more surgery. He isn't strong enough.

  36. Good morning. Could you put me to Mr. Davies, please?

  37. I don't think I put my point of view ……. very well.

  38. I didn't put the light ….. because I didn't want to disturb you.


run across someone

to meet them by accident

I hadn't seen Gloria for ages when I ran across her in the supermarket.

run around

to be very busy doing lots of things

I'm always running around trying to get everything done on time.

run away

to leave, often secretly, because you're unhappy

He was very unhappy in boarding school and ran away twice.

run down

  1. to move quickly to a place in a lower position

  2. deliberately reduce the size of something, for example stock

When I called her, she ran down so fast she nearly fell.

Stock is very expensive. We're trying to run it down to a minimum.

run someone down

to hit a person when driving your car.

I was crossing the road when a car nearly ran me down.

run into difficulties

to meet or encounter difficulties

We ran into huge financial difficulties when the construction went over budget.

run into' something

to hit something when driving

When I was parking, I ran into a post.

run off

to escape or leave a place quickly

The boys took some sweets from the shop and ran off laughing.

run off with something

to steal it

They hit the man and ran off with his wallet and mobile phone.

run into

to meet them unexpectedly

I ran into Jane in reception. I hadn't seen her for ages.

run on diesel or electricity

to use them for power in order to function

The motor runs on electricity so it's very quiet.

run out of something

to have no more left

I can't make a cake, we've run out of eggs.

run out

to pass the time limit or expire

I need to get a new passport. It runs out next month.

run over

to hit with a vehicle

He's in hospital. He was run over by a car last night.

run through

to repeat or rehearse something to practice or check

We quickly ran through the program to check that everything was OK.

run to

to go to someone for help

Can we run through it again just to be sure we haven't forgotten anything.

run up debts or bills

to owe money

He very quickly ran up an enormous debt on his credit card.

run up against

to meet difficulties unexpectedly

We had no idea about the difficulties we would run up against.

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct particle..

  1. I didn't brake quickly enough and ran …….the car in front.

  2. She waved goodbye and ran……..to play with her friends.

  3. I spent all morning running ……….. trying to find the things you needed.

  4. I ran……… an old friend in town today. I hadn't seen him for ages.

  5. When I heard the news I ran ……. the street to tell Lily who lives at the bottom.

  6. The company has run …….. difficulties since the introduction of the euro.

  7. She ran ……… from home at sixteen and went to live with a friend in London.

  8. She's in hospital after being run ………. by a car on Market Street.

  9. The financial manager ran …… with half a million of the company's money.

  10. They are running the company …….. by not replacing people who leave.

  11. She always runs….. me when she needs some help.

  12. I'm too old to go running ……my parents every time I need some money.

  13. We ran ……… a big bill in the hotel drinking in the bar.

  14. We ran up ……….. a few problems at the beginning but now it's fine.

  15. Sara ran ……… her ex-boyfriend in the supermarket. She said it was very embarrassing.

  16. When I was a student and my money ran ……., I lived on pasta.

  17. We have a generator that runs…….. diesel which we use during power cuts.

  18. You need to know where everything is in case I'm run…… by a bus!

  19. I hope they will give me a new contract when my present one runs …… at the end of he month.


take after

to resemble a parent or family member

She's blond with blue eyes. She takes after her father.

take along

take someone or something with you when you go somewhere

I took Sue along to the party. She really enjoyed it.

take apart

to separate something into the parts it is made up of

He took the machine apart and couldn't reassemble it.

take aside

to isolate a person from the rest of a group to talk to them privately

After the meeting, he took me aside and asked me what I really thought.

take away

  1. to remove something from its place and put it elsewhere

  2. to remove something and stop them having it again

Someone had cleaned the room and taken away all the dirty dishes.

His passport was taken away so he can't leave the country.

take back

to return something you have bought or borrowed

When I got home I discovered it didn't work so I took it back to the shop.

take down

  1. to go to a lower level or place with something

  2. to remove something that is attached to a wall or other object

I took them down to the beach for the day as the weather was beautiful.

When I went into the sitting room, I noticed that he had taken down all the pictures.

take in

  1. to let someone stay in your house as a guest

  2. to deceive someone, to make someone believe something that is not true

  3. to understand, comprehend a situation

  4. to take something for repair

She is taking in paying guests to help pay for her house.

She took in a lodger to help pay the mortgage.

I just couldn't take in what he was saying. It didn't make sense.

I took my car in this morning for a service.

take off

  1. to remove something, especially clothes

  2. to be away from work for holidays or illness

  3. when a plane leaves the ground

I had to take my coat off when the sun came out, it was so warm.

He has never taken a day off in twenty years. He's our best employee.

The plane was over half an hour late taking off but we arrived on time.

take on

  1. to begin to employ someone

  2. to accept a responsibility or a work

Sophie has just been taken on with a permanent contract. We've taken on too much work. We just don't have enough staff to do it.

take out

  1. to remove something from a particular place

  2. to withdraw money from your bank account

He took the picture out of the frame and gave it to me.

I went to the cash machine and took out $100 this morning.

take someone out

to spend time with them at the restaurant or cinema for example

He took me out on Friday night to a lovely restaurant.

take out on

to be unpleasant to someone because you are angry or upset

Don't take your anger out on me. It's not my fault

take over

  1. to gain control of another company by buying it

  2. to start doing it and replace the previous person who was doing it

  3. to become more important or successful than something else

All the high street shops have been taken over by the large chains stores.

I've taken over from Fiona. She left at the end of last month.

It has now taken over as our biggest selling product.

take round

to take someone to a place and show them it

When I arrived, she took me round and introduced me to everyone.

take through

to explain something to someone so they understand how to do it

He took me through the registration process and explained it all.

take to

to begin to like something

I've really taken to my French class. I enjoy it very much.

take up

  1. to start doing a hobby or activity

  2. to take a particular quantity of space or time

  3. to remove something which is fixed down to a surface

  4. to accept an offer or opportunity

  5. to continue an activity that had been interrupted

  6. to shorten a piece of clothing

Since he retired, he's taken up golf.

This sofa is too big. It takes up too much space.

We're taking up the tiles and replacing them with new ones.

I'm going to take up your offer of a lift

Jenny came back and took up the story where she had left off.

I'm so short that when I buy jeans, I always have to take them up.

take someone up on something

  1. to accept an offer someone has made

  2. to ask for an explanation of what they have said or done

Bill offered me a ride home so I took him up on it.

You should have taken him up on it. You can't let him say things like that.

take up with someone

to start a relationship with someone

She's taken up with Johnny who is almost 5 years older than her.

take something upon yourself

to decide to do something without asking first

She took it upon herself. If she had asked me, I'd have done it.
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  • Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct particle.
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