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Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

Відділ освіти артемівської міської ради міський методичний кабінет опис педагогічного досвіду вчителя англійської мови артемівського навчально-виховного комплексу

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6. One morning Grandmother got up early in the morning because _____

A. she had to go to work.

B .she had a birthday party.

C. she had much work.

D. she had nothing to do at all.

7. After breakfast Grandfather went to the shop to get ____

A. some ham, and some chop.

B. some flour and chocolate.

C. some milk and orange juice.

D. a lot of bananas, and apples, some nuts and some sweets.

8. Grandmother said, "I'll make___”.

A. some cabbage soup and fish.

B. nice fresh rolls and a pudding.

C. fish and chips.

D. a roast turkey.

9. Grandfather put on his _____

A. old brown suit.

B. best sport suit.

C. best blue suit and a red tie.

D. best blue suit and a green tie.

10. Their grandson was_____

A. a college student.

B. a little boy.

C. a teenager.

D. a baby.












Text 3

Read the text below. Match choices (A-H) to (11-15).There two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Travelling in Britain

From V.K.Dzyuba “World Around You”


Each year more and more people in Britain travel round their own country and abroad; more and more of them visit such European countries as France, Spain, Italy and Ukraine. Today they can travel by various means of transport – by plane, by ship, by car or even by bike.

11-(__) Of course the fastest way of traveling is by air and in Britain there are many big airports. The biggest airport in Britain is Heathrow; it is an international airport which connects London with many countries of the world. For example, from Heathrow to Paris you can get in one hour by plane.

12-(__) Some people prefer to travel to Paris in an old-fashioned manner – by train. Thanks to the railway tunnel under the English Channel it takes only four hours to get from one capital to another.

13-(__) Many Englishmen prefer to travel by car, often with tents and caravans or take part in group travel by bus. If they like to travel abroad they board a ferry-boat with their cars and buses and it carries them to one of the ports in Holland or Belgium; from there by highways they travel through France, Germany and other European countries.

14-(__)But there are still people in England who like to travel by water. In summer some English people prefer to spend their holidays by taking a cruise round the Baltic or down the Mediterranean.

15-(__) In Britain there are many canals that connect the main rivers of the country. Most of them were built in the 18th century and played a great role in the country’s economy.

А. People in Britain like to travel. Example














B. You can get from Britain to Europe by train

C. The Englishmen enjoy sea voyages round the world.

D. Lakes are very important for the British economy.

E. Travelling by sea you can take your car with you.

F. Travelling by ferry-boat is expensive.

G. The most important airport in Britain.

H. You can get from one river to the other by boat or yacht.

Text 4

Read the text below. For questions (16-27) choose the correct answer (A,B,C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted His Own Room

Mike was the (0) youngest Rabbit in the Rabbit's family. He had six brothers and seven sisters.There were seven beds in their bedroom. The beds were double-deckers —double-deckers all around the room.

Mike, the youngest Rabbit, loved his bedroom. He loved it when his brothers had pillow fights. He loved it when his sisters burst into (16) ____ . He loved it when Mother Rabbit came in and they all pretended to be (17) ___.But one morning at breakfast Mother Rabbit said to Father Rabbit, "We must find a house with (18) ____ bed­rooms!"

"Oh," cried one of Mike's brothers, "I want my own bedroom."

"Oh," cried one of Mike's sisters, "I want my own bedroom."

And all the brothers and all the sisters of Mike, all of them said, "I want my (19) ___ bedroom."And Mike cried, "I want my own bedroom too!" Be­cause he wasn'ta baby, and he wanted everything the big Rabbit children had.

Mother Rabbit said, "Mike, you can sleep with your brother."

"Mm, mm," said Mike and (20)____ his head.

"With your sister?" said Mother Rabbit.

"I want my own bedroom," said Mike.

The Rabbit (21) ____ went to look (22) ____ a house with more bedrooms. They saw a beautiful house. Father Rabbit said to the owner, "We (23) ___ fifteen bedrooms—fourteen for our (24) ___, one for Mrs. Rabbit and me."

The owner said, "I am (25) ___. We have the flat with fourteen bedrooms. Could you take it?"

Mother and Father and (26) ___ the children looked at Mike. Mike looked at his father so (27) ___ that Father decided to find a house to please everybody.











A crying

B playing

C laughter

D swimming


A tired

B thirsty

C hungry

D asleep


A more

B less

C bigger

D smaller


A pretty

B own

C tasty

D clean


A washed

B brushed

C combed

D shook


A form

B family

C team

D group


A for

B by

C on

D in


A can

B may

C must

D need


A relatives

B friends

C children

D classmates


A happy

B sorry

C glad

D surprised


A both

B whole

C all

D neither


A sadly

B happily

C cheerily

D brightly

Text 5

Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets. An example (0) has been done for you.

Granny Gets Ill

From V.K.Dzyuba “World Around You”

Last month old Mrs. Brown (0) was (be) on a visit to her old friend and on the way home she was caught by rain. When she (28) _______ (arrive) home her coat was wet through. Next day in the morning she found she (29) __________ (can) not get up as usual. She had a headache and was running a temperature. The thermometer showed 37, 2.

Her stepdaughter Mrs. Pauline Brown called in (30) ___ (a, the) doctor by telephone. (31) ___ (A, The) doctor, Mr. Frost, examined Mrs. Brown , listened to (32) ____ (she) heart and (33) _____ (lung), measured her blood pressure and felt her pulse. Then he prescribed her (34) _______ (some, any) medicine. He said that Mrs. Brown had to take the medicine four times a day and keep the bed.

Then Pauline went to the (35) _____________ (chemist shop and (36) _______ (buy) all the prescribed medicine.

But at night Granny felt (36) ___________ (bad) - she coughed and had a fever. In the morning the Browns had to call in an ambulance, which brought her to hospital. The x-ray picture showed that Granny had pneumonia. So she was placed in a ward of the hospital. The doctor prescribed her injections of penicillin and tablets to cure cough.

Now Granny is (37) ______ (good), though she (38) _________ (feel) weak, but she hopes to leave the hospital soon.

Text 6

Quirk of Nature

In late August, 1987, three unsuspecting fishermen made an astounding discovery. The men were fishing near Houma, Louisi­ana, off land owned by the Louisiana Land and Exploration Company when they uncov­ered a nest that held 18 white alligators and numerous normal-colored brothers. Even more remarkable was the fact that these white alligators had blue eyes.

Audubon Zoo authorities determined that the white alligators were a never before seer genetic mutation of the American alligator. This extremely rare mutation, called leucism is similar to albinism, but even more rare-While albinos have white skin and pinkish-yellow eyes, white leucistic animals have pigmented eyes. And although the nest area has been closely watched since these were found, no additional whites have been seen.

Why have leucistic alligators never been seen before? First of all, this mutation is very rare, so there are few born. Second, mother gators guard babies for awhile, but babies are on their own at a very young age. The 8 to 10-inch white baby alligator is easily spot­ted by enemies in the dark-colored swamp. Its normal-colored siblings, with their yellow and black stripes blend with their surround­ings and gain safety. More whites may have been born, but they probably fell victim to their enemies.

The captive alligators became easier to distinguish from one another over time since as they grew they varied in size and colora­tion. At six years of age, the smallest of the white alligators measured five feet in length and weighed about 50-60 pounds. The larg­est was as long as eight feet with a weight of 250 pounds. Each alligator is also distin­guished by dark spots and black areas around its head and neck. Everyone who has worked with these unusual creatures agrees that their temperament is very different from that of normal, slow-moving and easy-going alligators. The whites are more feisty and volatile, much like crocodiles.

The general public has become more aware of the existence of these unusual specimens through television appearances and zoo displays. The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company cares for fourteen of the gators at their alligator farm. They do­nated the other four to the Audubon Institute. Of those four, two are on display at the Audubon Zoo and two can be seen at the Audubon's Aquarium of the Americas. The alligators are also on loan to other zoos and aquariums in the United States and even Japan. People all over the world are able to observe and learn about these remarkable, white mysteries of the swamp.

1.Find the English equivalents to the following words and phrases (3 points) :

Вражаюче відкриття , визначний факт , стверджувати , рідкісна мутація, охороняти , зливатися з оточенням , пасти жертвою ворога , відрізняти , темні плями , незвичайне створіння , узнати , болото.

2.State whether the statements are true or false (6 points ) :

1. In 1987 three fishermen made an astounding discovery which they

have planned beforehand.

2. In the nest there were only white alligators.

3. Leucism is similar to albinism but less rare.

4. Many leucistic alligators fell victim to their enemies at a very young age

because they are white.

5. The white alligators are as slow-moving and easy-going as normal ones.

6. People all over the world have the opportunity to observe and learn about leucistic alligators.

3. Write facts in the chart to compare the lerucistic alligators with normal –coloured ones (12 points ) :

Leucistic alligators

Normal alligators


Text 7

Athletes with Attitude

About 43 million Americans have physical or mental disabilities, and millions more suffer from diseases such as diabetes or asthma. But that doesn't seem to prevent some from doing what they want to do, such as playing sports! Many disabled individuals excel in the sports of their choice.

Jim Abbott was born without a right hand. Jim's dream as a child was to play baseball in the major leagues. As a boy, he developed his own system for catching the bell and throwing it back. After catching with his left hand, he would cradle the ball and glove in me crook of his right arm , slip his left hand out of the glove, and immediately grab the ball and throw it. Then Jim would quickly slide his left hand back in the glove so he would be ready to field the ball again. His hours of practice and positive attitude have paid off. He played baseball for the Univer­sity of Michigan, for the U. S. in the 1987 Pan Am Games, and in the 1988 Summer Olym­pics. His dream of playing major league baseball was fulfilled in 1989, when ha joined the California Angels. Then, as a Yankee pitcher in 1993, he threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians!

Curtis Pride, in his first season as a left fielder for the Montreal Expos, hit a two-run double that helped the Expos beat the Phila­delphia Phillies. When given a five-minute ovation by the fans, Curtis could not hear the crowd because he was born 95 percent deaf. His statistics prove that his hearing is not a handicap on the playing field. In 119 minor league games, he stole 50 bases, hit .329 ,with 21 home runs and 61 RBIs. He believes that anyone can be successful if they pat their mind to it-Tracy MacLeod played basketball with an artificial leg for the women's team at Bran­don University, in Manitoba, Canada. Tracybroke her leg during a basketball game in 1993. After developing circulation problems, doctors operated nine times, but were even­tually forced to amputate below the knee. Shocked, angry, but determined, she not only learned to walk on her prosthesis, but to play basketball. Just 8 ½ weeks after the amputa­tion, she showed up for practice and made her college team. Her motto was, "Just as long as I try," Her superior attitude enabled her to average 4.9 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 12 minutes playing time per game.

Disabled athletes have affected the world of sports for over a hundred years. William Hoy. a deaf baseball player who played in the mid-1980s, asked his third-base coach to use arm signals to tell him what the umpire had called whenever he was at bat Just ten years later, most umpires were using arm signals for all of their calls. Paul Hubbard, a quarter­back in the 1890s for Gallaudet, a college for the deaf is credited with using the huddle for the first time. He used it to prevent deaf opponents from stealing the hand signals he used to call plays. The huddle was quickly adopted by every team, whether deaf or not.

Famous athletes with disabilities have become heroes and positive role models for many, disabled or not. Some do not consider themselves handicapped because they still accomplish the goals that they set for them­selves. Undoubtedly, people who are physi­cally or mentally challenged must work harder than most everyone else. But that doesn't stop them from chasing their dreams and becoming the best that they can be !

1.Find the English equivalents to the following words and phrases (3 points) :

Фізичні або розумові вади , розвинути свою власну систему ,

збутися , овація прихильників , штучна нога , впливати , глухий , позитивний приклад для інших , без сумніву , не давати робити щось, успішний , бути змушеним.

2.State whether the statements are true or false (6 points ) :

1. Physical and mental disabilities don’t prevent people from playing sports.

2. Jim Abbort’s dream as a child was to play baseball in the school team.

3. Curtis Pride’ s hearing was a handicap on the playing field.

4. Tracy MacLeod broke her leg in a car crash.

5. Disabled athletes influence greatly the world of sports.

6. Famous athletes with disabilities can be positive role models for

healthy people.

3. Complete the chart with information from the text ( 12 points ) :






1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   16

  • 8. Grandmother said, "Ill make___”.
  • 10. Their grandson was_____
  • А. People in Britain like to travel. Example
  • The Little Rabbit Who Wanted His Own Room
  • Text 6 Quirk of Nature
  • 1.Find the English equivalents to the following words and phrases (3 points)
  • 2.State whether the statements are true or false (6 points )
  • 3. Write facts in the chart to compare the lerucistic alligators with normal –coloured ones (12 points )
  • Text 7 Athletes with Attitude
  • 3. Complete the chart with information from the text ( 12 points )